Full-time East Stroudsburg University students who have completed at least one semester (12-credit hours or more) are strongly encouraged and welcome to participate in recruitment. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50. However, individual organizations may have a higher academic expectation for membership.

Formal Recruitment

Each spring semester, Formal Recruitment takes place during the month of February. Registration is now open. 

Sorority Recruitment Dates: 02/16-19/2021

Register for Sorority Recruitment

Fraternity Recruitment Dates: 02/08-12/2021

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Continuous Open Recruitment

Many of East Stroudsburg's Greek organizations recruit during both the fall and spring semesters, outside the formal recruitment period. In mid-September, Greek Life sponsors Upperclass Recruitment Week where chapters host a recruitment event and bids are distributed on the Friday afternoon. Information regarding Upperclass Recruitment is available at the beginning of the fall semester.

Cultural Greek Council Recruitment

If you are interested in joining one of our cultural Greek organizations, please understand the Intake process for these organizations is different and there is no set specific time period, although, you still must meet all eligibility requirements as outlined above.

Frequently Asked Questions of Potential New Members

  • Can I join more than one chapter OR leave an organization and join a different organization?

    No. Though you can get to know most, if not all organizations through the recruitment process, you can only be a member in one organization. If a member leaves an organization, they are not eligible to join a different organization. If a members transfers to another institution, the member may affiliate with the chapter at that institution or work to establish a chapter.

  • Will joining a fraternity or sorority impact my academics?

    Many fraternities and sororities have academic achievement as a core value. All organizations have GPA requirements for joining and remaining in good standing. Chapters have a scholarship chair to coordinate recognition activities for high achievers and to see help for members who struggle. Upperclassmen also serve as mentors and as a resource for underclassmen in choosing classes, studying, and navigating the campus and the community.

  • How much does it cost to be a fraternity or sorority member?

    The cost will vary between each organization because each chapter’s dues include different items. Some chapters require a flat fee that covers membership dues, t-shirts, badge, and a formal. Others have a lower initial cost, but the cost for each additional item is out of pocket. Most fraternities and sororities offer chapter and national scholarships available to individuals with difficulty paying membership fees. Some chapters may even offer payment plans so payments can be made over the course of the semester. In most cases, the first semester will cost the most and the price will decline for subsequent semesters.

  • If I join a fraternity or a sorority, will I be hazed?
    At East Stroudsburg University, we believe that no student should ever be harmed or degraded while seeking membership in any student organization. Hazing goes against the core values of fraternities and sororities and violates the bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood and friendship on which our organizations were founded. In addition to being a violation of state and federal law, hazing is prohibited by the University's Student Handbook. All organizations are expected to follow this policy, and training and resources are provided to groups to help them create a positive new member experience.

Contact Us

Please contact the University Center at (570) 422-3798 with any questions about Fraternity and Sorority Life at ESU.

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