The Warrior Food Pantry is a program to support students that are in need of a food source during the academic year.

This initiative was developed out of the need to ensure that students are able to obtain necessary food for their well-being. The pantry is a collaborative initiative with St. Matthew's Church and ESU. The entire operation is volunteer and donation-driven. Spear headed by Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence and supported by SAA, Inc, APSCUF, Service Learning Initiative Committee and ESU Campus Catholic Ministries, the Warrior Food Pantry is one of many ways that ESU is responding to identified needs of students.

Food Pantry Access

The Warrior Food Pantry is a self-service pantry allowing students to obtain the necessary food to support their well-being. Students should email Mary Ann Matras at to request food from the pantry.  Students will then meet pantry volunteers at the pantry for pick up. If an ESU student is in need of food during the summer, the Emergency Pantry will be available at anytime. Please complete the form in the section below.

Emergency Needs

The Warrior Food Pantry is designed not only to provide students with a weekly opportunity to access food, it also can satisfy a student who is in immediate need. To obtain emergency food, please complete one of the forms below and the student will be contacted as to when and where to obtain emergency food. Request can be submitted at anytime and fulfillment will be scheduled with the student between Monday and Friday.

Student Request
This form is to be used by students in immediate need of food.

Community Food & Other Resources

In addition to the Warrior Food Pantry, there are many local organizations that serve food and other needs. All of these resources are available to ESU students.


The Warrior Food Pantry is completely supported by donations. In early August 2018, the pantry will be accepting donations for the Fall semester.

List of non-perishable items that are needed:

General Items: Crackers Bread Soups Noodles Peanut Butter
Dry Pasta Mac and Cheese Canned Vegetables Chili Canned Tuna
Condiments: Ketchup Mustard Mayonnaise    
Breakfast Items: Pop-Tarts Oatmeal Canned Fruit    
Boxed Cereal Breakfast Bars Granola Bars    
Snacks: Jam & Jelly Fruit Cups      
Cookies Pudding Microwave Popcorn    

Hygiene & Household Products:

Toothpaste Bath Soap Toilet Paper Tooth Brush  
Feminine hygiene products Dish Soap Deodorant Paper Towels  

Donation drop-off can be made at the following locations:

Campus Buildings: Koehler Library Monroe Innovation Center
Science and Technology Stroud Reibman  
Residence Halls: Hemlock      


The Warrior Food Pantry is completely operated by volunteers. Collecting, inventorying, organizing and shelving donations will be an on-going need of the pantry. If you are interested in volunteering for the pantry, please click the appropriate link below:

Student groups interested in helping with collections on a weekly basis should email

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence at (570) 422-3463 or email us at

Contact Us

For more information regarding the Food Pantry, Please contact Amanda Yetter at

Contact Information

Campus Address
Reibman Administration Building
(570) 422-3463
(570) 422-3410 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Coordinator Food Pantry
Amanda Yetter