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The purpose of assessment is to improve, inform, and support your program and/or institution. Assessment of student learning is an essential component of General Education, program goals, and university effectiveness, and it is fundamental to fulfilling the mission of the university. Assessment also plays a key role in accreditation of programs and Middle States accreditation for the university as a whole. This page provides a few general resources for assessing student learning at all levels and in a variety of ways.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education
PA Board of Governor’s Policy on Assessing Student Learning Outcomes
Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

General Assessment Resources and Groups

9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning – Originally published by the American Association for Higher Education
American Public University System – Information on curriculum mapping, rubrics, an assessment glossary, and lots of other useful tools and information.
Assessing Teaching and Learning – A wealth of information on assessing teaching, programs, departments, and learning from Carnegie Mellon University
Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) – Extensive resources on general education, curriculum, faculty work, and more.
Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education – Plans, policies, structures, tools, and reporting devices all in one place in their Resource Room.
Bloom’s Taxonomy – Courtesy of Vanderbilt University
Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment – A huge selection of archives, articles, discussion groups, and information on assessing specific skills/content and accrediting bodies. Maintained by North Carolina State University
Middle States Commission on Higher Education – Understanding MSCHE expectations for assessing student learning
National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA)– Reports, occasional papers, and great examples of good assessment practice.
West Chester University – Information on assessing outside the classroom, using rubrics, and other online resources.

Assessment Tools/Measures

Improving Survey Processes Based on Student Feedback – Presented at the 2014 AIR Forum
Teaching Goals Inventory – From “Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers” [ Amazon Link]
VALUE Rubrics – By the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)

Program-Level Assessment

Program and Department Assessment Guidebook – Developed by the UAC’s Program-Level Workgroup

Assessment Practices at the Program Level – By the NILOA
Assessing Your Program-Level Assessment Plan – Susan Hatfield, Winona State University
Best Practices for Program-Level SLO Assessment – By Emory University
Georgetown University – Very nice guide to program-level assessment
Levels of Assessment: From the Student to the Institution – By the AAC&U

Course-Level Assessment

Classroom Assessment Techniques – Presented by Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching
Course-Based Review and Assessment– From UMASS Amherst
Course-Level Assessment for SLOs – California State University Long Beach
Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence – Course design, planning, evaluation, and more.
Template: Course Level Assessment – From CUNY Hunter