What is the Diversity Dialogue Project?

The Diversity Dialogue Project (formerly the Race Relations Project) provides a safe environment where individuals can speak candidly about race, multiculturalism, gender, and related social issues.

The Sessions

The conversations are small group meetings (up to 15 people) and last one hour. Session are held in the Office Of Multicultural Affairs (OMA House, 96 Normal St.). Trained undergraduates introduce topics and keep the conversations flowing. Participants are encouraged to share personal experiences and explore assumptions, biases, and opinions about diversity.

What to Expect

A neutral environment where all voices are equal. Facilitators that guide the discussion but do not talk about their own experiences. A non-classroom setting where participants are neither judged or criticized.

Contact Us

If you would like to be involved in one of our sessions, please fill out the registration form.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Stroud Hall 408
(570) 422-3168
Title of Department Leader
Storm Heter
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