General Questions

Where do I make a reservation?

While the booking system undergoes an upgrade, please email to request a space reservation.

Why is Virtual EMS changing to EMS Web App?

Virtual EMS had been the campus scheduling software since 2015. The vendor, Accruent, has migrated the previous system to a new platform, EMS Web App, that better accommodates today's mobile and web technology. The new EMS Web App should launch in 2022.

What is Master Calendar?

The website's Master Calendar lists events open to the campus and community.

What is the difference between EMS Web App and Master Calendar?

The EMS Web App is scheduling and reservation software. It allows users to see what is available and request space.

The Master Calendar advertises events that are open to the campus and community. It is not used for requesting a room reservation.

Does the EMS Web App work the same for Faculty, Staff and Students?

Yes, faculty, staff, and students may view available spaces and request reservations.

What are my User ID and password for the EMS Web App?

You may use your regular ESU User ID and Password to log in.

Facility Questions

How can I see what a room looks like?

Under “Browse & Search” click on Room Set Up and Capacities – you can click on individual rooms and scroll down to see photos of the rooms.

Am I able to view/search on room capacity/type?

Yes, when looking for available space you can click on Browse and Search on the menu bar and click on Setup Types and Capacity – sort by room then click on filter and select your criteria.

A space appears available under "browse" yet it cannot be requested when attempting to schedule it. Why?

There may be a scheduling policy in the specific building. For example, some buildings are not available on weekends, holidays, or evenings.

Are there any rooms that cannot be reserved?

Yes, some rooms are restricted to department use. If you do not see a location listed, it is not currently available for booking. If you are interested in a space not visible or available in EMS, please contact Conference Services.

Scheduling Questions

How far in advance can rooms be scheduled?

Rooms for events may be scheduled after the classes for the academic semester have been posted, up to 365 days in advance.

What is considered the academic year?

The first day of fall classes through the last day of the summer semester the next year.

How long will it take to hear back about my request?

You should hear back within 72 hours regarding your request.

What is room usage limit?

Meetings may only be reserved for 2 hours. Contact Conference Services if you have other needs.

What are cancellation policies?

Events should be canceled 24 hours in advance in order to avoid unnecessary room set ups by our Facilities staff. Anyone who repeatedly cancel reservations or fails to inform the responsible scheduler of a cancel event may be restricted from making reservations in the future.

How do you handle last minute changes?

Please contact Facilities at (570) 422-3223 for any last minute changes. The ability to accommodate these changes depends on available staffing.

What is the small blue bar attached to certain events?

This is “buffer” time and prevents events from taking place back to back. The most common place to see these bars is on multipurpose locations with a required 2-hour break to give service providers (labor crew, custodial, catering, etc.) time to reset the room for the next event. This time can be adjusted as needed.

Reservation Questions

How do I submit a reservation request?

While the booking system undergoes an upgrade, please email to request a space reservation.

What is a "first available booking violation"?

This violation occurs when you try to book a room too close to the event date.

For Classrooms and Meeting Spaces, Computer Labs and Conference Rooms, Promotional Spaces, Fields and Outdoor Spaces, reservations need to be made at least 72 hours in advance.

Multipurpose Rooms and Lecture Halls need to be reserved at least 14 days in advance.

How do I schedule a recurring meeting?

After you select the type of reservation that you are trying to make under the reservations tab, you will be brought to a room search page. Click “recurrence”. This will open up a new panel with information for you to complete. This panel allows you to select what kind of recurrence you want and how long you want it to last. Click “Apply Recurrence” when you have filled out the proper information, and complete the rest of your reservation.

How do I determine who will attend my event or what does “Audience” mean?

This question will help push events to the Master Calendar for Campus Events and it is important you think about your response to it. Who is your intended event audience?

Open to the Public: Anyone can attend these events, whether general public or campus community. These events appear on the Master Calendar.

Campus Community: These events are only for campus (Faculty, Staff, or Students).

Faculty/Staff Only: These events are neither open to the public nor available to students.

Students Only: These are events where the intended audience is mainly students. Faculty/Staff may attend but are not the intended audience.

Invitation Only: This is an event that is only open by invitation.

Services Questions

What are services?

Facilities, Catering, A/V, and other support are considered services.

Who places work orders for events?

A template is provided for requesting tables & chairs, signs, groundskeeping, and other event support. The individual making the room reservation typically enters the work orders for their own events. Please contact Conference Services or Facilities departments for assistance in completing work orders.

Advertising on the Calendar

How does my event get to the Master Calendar?

Events are pushed to the Master Calendar based on the Audience setting. If there is not enough information, Conference Services will contact the event organizers for more information.

What information is required to be advertised on the calendar?

Event Description Requirements

  • Who should attend the event,
  • What the event is for/about
  • How the information/event will take place (lecture, performance, reception, etc.).
  • Briefly summarize who will be speaking/performing and what they will be talking about or doing
  • A description should be no less than two sentences for internal events or a minimum of sixty words for events open to the public detailing the information of who, what, and how
Can I add a image to my calendar listing?

Absolutely! Images are highly encouraged for all events but are required for any event open to the public. Images should reflect the event that is being submitted. Idea for images include: Portraits of speakers, photos from past year's events or print-quality posters, screen shots of films or a poster/DVD cover for screenings, and scenes, settings or objects related to the event.

Do not attach images that may be considered offensive, inappropriate or in violation of applicable copyright laws.

Image specifications:

Maximum file size: 2MB
Acceptable image and document file types include: .jpg is preferred; other acceptable types are .pdf, .doc, .xls, .gif, and .png.

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