Students are accepted into the graduate program as either Full Time or Part Time students.

  • The only distinction between the two is that part time students enroll in fewer credits per semester than full time students, usually due to their other commitments.
  • Otherwise, the two groups are the same. The admission standards, degree requirements, and all academic policies and regulations are the same.
  • Full Time students are expected to complete 4 academic semesters and two summer terms (Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring).
  • Part Time students will generally take longer to complete the degree, but are expected to make regular and consistent progress.
  • Part Time students are subject to the ESU Graduate School policy of completion of the degree program within 6 years of initial enrollment.
  • Part Time students are expected to enroll for as many credits as feasible, usually 6 credits per semester in the Fall and Spring, and close to a full load in Summers if possible.
  • Part Time students may, upon written request to the Graduate Coordinator, take more than 6 credits per semester in the Fall or Spring semesters, subject to availability of seats for courses, and subject to caseloads and site availability for practicum.

The department no longer guarantees that part-timers will be able to complete their degree by attending only evening and summer classes.

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