East Stroudsburg University’s (ESU) Teacher Education Unit (TEU) has identified a number of competencies that candidates will master as they progress through their respective programs.

These competencies, or Beginning Educator Outcomes (BEOs) are directly aligned with the TEU’s mission, vision and unit-wide assessments.

As such, the BEOs are designed to develop beginning educators who are creative, knowledgeable, and reflective by providing evidence-based practices and diverse, authentic field experiences that continually improve teaching, learning and leading.

The BEOs are as follows:

  • Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
    • BEO 1: Demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy
    • BEO2: Demonstrating knowledge of students
    • BEO 3: Setting instructional outcomes
    • BEO 4: Demonstrating knowledge of resources
    • BEO 5: Designing coherent instruction
    • BEO 6: Designing student assessment
  • Domain 2: The classroom environment
    • BEO 7: Creating an environment of respect and rapport
    • BEO 8: Establishing a culture for learning
    • BEO 9: Managing classroom procedures
    • BEO 10: Managing student behavior
    • BEO 11: Organizing physical space
  • Domain 3: Instruction
    • BEO 12: Communicating with students
    • BEO 13: Questioning and discussion techniques
    • BEO 14: Engaging students in learning
    • BEO 15: Using assessment in instruction
    • BEO 16: Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness
  • Domain 4: Professional dispositions and Pennsylvania Code of Professional Conduct
    • BEO 17: Professional responsibilities

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