ESU Digital Fellows

East Stroudsburg University faculty committed to excellence in teaching have a tremendous opportunity to gain expertise in integrating latest technology and fact-based pedagogy into their classrooms.

In ESU’s Digital Fellows Program, faculty will integrate technology into their teaching and serve as mentors to other faculty, thus growing the ESU Digital Fellows community.

The Digital Fellows Program consists of several informational sessions that cover a range of topics designed to improve the online education experience for ESU students, as well as the opportunity to build or update a course using the principles explored in the training sessions.

The courses are then reviewed by the CTT staff to ensure the course delivers high-quality, accessible materials to your students.

Program Goals

  • Establish a process for faculty to develop 7-8 week online courses to fit our new ESU initiative
  • Support faculty in using innovative design, tools, and concepts to create meaningful teaching and learning experiences
  • Increase online course offerings designed around the principles of inclusion, equity, and accessibility
  • Engage within a learning community by contributing resources, collaborating, and providing feedback to peers
  • Demonstrate the use of innovative, accessible design principles in the development and design/redesign of a course to affect meaningful learning experiences
  • Generate campus “champions” of online learning to help grow our presence and grow interest in professional development options at ESU

Who Should Apply

The ESU Digital Fellows program is committed to assisting faculty in the ongoing improvement of their courses, regardless of technical expertise.

If you are someone who is always looking for ways to improve your online courses and in turn, your students' outcomes, then this program is for you.

The fellowship is open to all full-time faculty from ESU. For course redesign projects, applicants must be an instructor of record in the course.

Program Benefits

  • Targeted faculty development and training
  • Improved creation and facilitation of ESU online course delivery
  • Support from Instructional Design team in course design, development, and delivery
  • Assigned individual instructional designer
  • Peer learning community
  • On completion of program additional faculty professional development funds up to 1000 dollars of their choosing.

Fall 2022 Cohort

Contact Us

For more information regarding D2L, Course Design or multimedia questions, please contact Devin Feighan.

Contact Information

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Stroud Hall 408F
(570) 422-2869
Title of Department Leader
Instructional Support Manager
Devin Feighan