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Summer Programs

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Every year, ESU offers summer programs for students interested in studying abroad for a shorter period.

For a detail of the programs offered this coming Summer, please click here.

Summer programs are quite different from a regular summer exchange experience. In a typically summer programs, you will find:

  • A group of ESU students will travel together to a foreign destination from a one (1) to four (4) weeks
  • Students will travel with an ESU faculty. The faculty member will serve both as guide and professor while abroad
  • The program includes seminars, lectures, workshops and excursions
  • The program is typically centered on specific themes that might relate to the history, culture, environment, and language of the host country
  • English is typically the language of instruction

Summer programs are shorter and offer limited opportunities to integrate with local students, compared to semester programs.

However, they may be a great opportunity for students who prefer structured and organized programs and those schedules do not allow for a long term exchange experience.