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Resources and Links for Service Learning

The following resources assist implementation of service learning and engaged scholarship. Through real life experience, Service Learning recognizes the reciprocal relationship between our campus and the community. We encourage students to embrace their role as vested community members while assisting our community in seeing the promise in our students.

Organizing a Service Learning Class

Course Design: Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
Campus Compact: Program models
American Association of Community Colleges: Best practice in service learning
Campus Compact: Service Learning Initiative
Campus Compact: Service Learning Syllabi

General Service Learning Resources

Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (CLDE)
Campus Compact: Resources
Strategies for Creating an Engaged Campus: An Advanced Service-Learning Toolkit for Academic Leaders
National Service Learning Clearing House
Civic Learning Resources
AACU Bringing Theory to Practice
Partnership and The Community
Center for Civic Reflection
Community Standards for Service Learning
Aligning Civic Engagement and Economic Development in Community - Campus Partnerships

Service Learning and Overall Educational Outcomes

Promising Practices for Personal and Social Responsibility:

Purpose for Engaged Scholarship: A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy's Future
Findings from a National Research Collaborative
The impact of Service Learning

Learning and Assessment:

Trends in Undergraduate Education
Trends and Emerging Practices in General Education

The Quality Imperative Match Ambitious Goals for College Attainment with an Ambitious Vision for Learning


LEAP (Liberal Education and America’s Promise)

Campus Toolkit

LEAP: Campus Toolkit Resources

AACU: Making the Case for Liberal Education Responding to Challenges