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Right to Know

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Purpose and Overview

East Stroudsburg University affirms the right of any citizen to access public records.

This right of access:

  • Is vital to the preservation and functioning of the democratic process
  • Promotes public understanding, trust, and monitoring
  • Supports informed judgments
  • Advances the integrity and well-being of the University

In supporting public access to records, East Stroudsburg University balances two key considerations:

  1. The public’s fundamental right of access to information held by the University, including such records as the appropriation, expenditure, and investment of public money
  2. Constitutionally protected interests or legal rights to privacy and confidentiality regarding personal and other data gathered by the University

East Stroudsburg University's Right to Know Policy is designed to do the following:

  • Ensure and facilitate the public's right of access to information about the conduct and activities of University operations
  • Make public records accessible, unless a sensitive-information determination or specific federal or state law exempts the records from public access
  • Place on East Stroudsburg University the burden for establishing that requested records are not public or are otherwise exempt from access
  • Provide guidelines to assist University officials and employees in responding to requests for access to public records
  • Provide guidelines for requesting and accessing information and for requesting exceptions to the policy

Open Records Officer

East Stroudsburg University's Vice President of Finance & Administration is designated the University Open Records Officer.

The Open Records Officer will provide the guidelines, process, and assistance for implementing the University’s Right to Know Policy. This officer, or his designee, is the primary contact for anyone requesting access to records and, if necessary, for Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education Office of Chief Legal Counsel.

Scope of the Right to Know Policy

This Right to Know Policy is not intended to modify, rescind, or supersede any public-record retention or disposition schedule established by law.


While no fee is charged for accessing and examining public records, fees may be charged to cover expenses for photocopying or certifying copies of public records.

Dissemination of the Right to Know Policy

The following guidelines explain proper dissemination of the East Stroudsburg University Right to Know Policy:

  • The policy will be posted in conspicuous locations on campus.
  • The policy will be available on a University web-site.