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Image Caption Purchasing Supplies:

University Issued Purchase Orders
The Purchasing Department of East Stroudsburg University is responsible for the acquisition of all commodities and services purchased.

All procurement related functions are processed in the SAP System.

All purchases begin as a requisition in the individual departments, are transmitted electronically for approvals, and are then received in the Purchasing Department for further processing.

The Purchasing Department issues a Purchase Order (PO) or a Service Purchase Contract (SPC) to the appropriate Vendor for the purchase of any supply or service, respectively.

The acquisition of commodities and service related purchases are very similar from the requesting department's point of view.

The Pennsylvania State Procurement Code establishes the rules and regulations that PASSHE schools must follow concerning the dollar limits for bidding, sole source procurement, and telephone quotations necessary to purchase both supplies & equipment and services. Click here for current delegation of authority

It is extremely important to note that no one other than the President of the University, or as delegated by the President, an East Stroudsburg University Contracting Officer is authorized to commit the University to a purchase of a commodity or a service.

Any University faculty or staff member ordering something either verbally or by signing an agreement without the proper authorization may be held personally liable for the cost of the service.

Who to Contact for More Information:
Please contact any Purchasing Department staff member for assistance.

Anyone in the department will be able to answer your calls for information or clarification.

  • Commodities - 570/422-3203 or 422-3206
  • Service Contracts - 570/422-3203 or 422-3206
  • Construction Contracts - 570/422-3595

Supplies Purchasing Made Easy:

Itemized "How to Order" Steps:
Department's should follow the same "How to Order" steps used when completing a purchase requisition for a supply or equipment purchase.

  1. Determine that monies are available in the departmental budget via the proper SAP Budget screens.
  2. Obtain the necessary vendor information via the proper SAP Vendor information screens.
  3. Create an online SAP Purchase Requisition.
  4. The appropriate electronic signature releases are made.
  5. The Purchase Requisition arrives in the Purchasing Department for processing.

Please refer to the "Services" section for more information about additional considerations necessary when processing requisitions for the procurement of services.

Purchase Requisition Completion Instructions - Supplies & Equipment:
Purchase Requisitions for the purchase of supplies or equipment need to provide detailed information concerning the item(s) that are being requested.

The user will need to make sure that their requisition indicates information regarding the manufacturer, size, color, model number and any other specialized information concerning the item to be purchased or regarding delivery.

To order commodities from Vendors outside the University a user will need to complete a SAP online Purchase Requisition that is sent electronically to the Purchasing Department.

Purchase Requisition Approvals:
All SAP Online Purchase Requisitions (ME51) require the user to enter Account Assignment information. Each Account Assignment has a hierarchy of electronic approvals that it will automatically go through before being received in the Purchasing Department for further processing.

The amount of approvals a requisition goes through largely depends on the source of the funds being spent or the dollar threshold of the individual lines requested.

The purchase requisition is forwarded to the Purchasing Department when all the electronic signatures have been obtained.

Selecting a Vendor:
Generally, the selection of a vendor is the initiator's choice but it can be dependent on a variety of factors.

Detailed vendor information, such as name, address, telephone number, and fax number is available from a variety of sources.

If you are unsure of the vendor information that you need, call the Purchasing Department.

Information concerning state contracts, institutional contracts, and various vendor catalogs are available in the Purchasing Department.

The user can obtain information regarding various state contracts by visiting the DGS Contract Database.

The State Procurement Code indicates that purchases in excess of the mandated bid threshold must be publicly advertised and competitively solicited.

If the cost of the requisition is between $1,500 and the mandated bid threshold requisitioner's are encouraged to obtain three (3) written quotations.

This information must be submitted with the requisition.

The Purchasing Department verifies that each purchase requisition contains all of the appropriate information.

If the purchase requisition is between $1,500 and the mandated bid threshold Purchasing verifies if three (3) quotes were solicited and documentation attached.

Once verified, all requisitions under the mandated bid threshold are processed into Purchase Orders in the System.

The orders are e-mailed or faxed daily to vendors.

If the Purchase Requisition is over the mandated bid threshold or more, either the formal bidding process is followed or a Sole Source justification must be executed.

Purchasing Procedures for Supplies of $19,400 or Less

Purchases of $19,400 or less do not require FORMAL competitive bidding.

However, the following prudent business practices are established in order to promote maximum utilization of fiscal resources:

  1. For goods of $1,500 or less - competitive bids will not generally be solicited by the Purchasing Department.
  2. For goods between $1,500 and $19,400 - For procurement needs at this level, University departments are encouraged to solicit quotations, take advantage of volume discounts, and use other techniques to obtain the lowest possible prices in relation to the value received. Written/faxed quotes are used as determined necessary by the Purchasing Office in its judgment, based on historical experience that the potential for appreciable cost savings exists.
  3. For goods and services over $19,400 - Competitive Bidding Procedures must be followed as noted below:

Pursuant to Act 188 and PASSHE Board of Governors Policy 1983-02-A, all University purchases greater than $10,000 must be competitively bid under institutionally established business practices.

Such competitive bidding will be undertaken centrally by the Purchasing Department and documented appropriately for audit purposes.

Supplies and services over the mandated bid threshold may be bid on a straight cost basis and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.

Alternatively, certain services may be bid using a more elaborate evaluative process, such as a Request for Proposal, which incorporates both cost and other technical criteria.

Exceptions to competitive bidding requirements are authorized for items available from the Commonwealth Warehouse, items on state (DGS) contract, items available from agencies for persons with disabilities (such as Pennsylvania Industries for the Blind and Handicapped), certain items specified under grant or restricted gift provisions, and items procured under the sole source and emergency provisions of the Commonwealth Procurement Code.

Exceptions to competitive bidding requirements may also be authorized for emergency facilities project contracts when a threat exists to public health, welfare or safety and the urgency does not permit the delay involved in using more formal competitive methods.

A written determination of the basis for the emergency and for the selection of the particular contractor will be included in the contract file.

Public Notice for Competitive Bids

All procurements greater than $19,400 (except emergency procurements or other authorized exceptions) must be advertised publicly.

The contracting officer will determine the method of source selection and public notice to be given for each procurement to ensure competition that should produce the least cost for the procurement, using any or all of the methods outlined in Section 512 of the Commonwealth Procurement Code, except that a general notice must be given in addition to issuance of invitation for bids to bidders on a solicitation mailing list, or when using the pre-qualification method.

The contracting officer will consider the principles of responsiveness, accountability, fairness, and openness in determining the type of public notice given for each procurement.

Purchasing Office Supplies costing less than $1,500:

OFFICE SUPPLIES: Office Supplies are procured on an individual basis through our Contracted Vendor via the Internet on each user's computer.

To obtain your password and training, please call 570 422-3206. Do not use SAP unless the item is not available at the Contracted Internet Site.

SUPPLIES OTHER THAN OFFICE SUPPLIES of less than $1,500 DO NOT require a Purchase Requisition in SAP and DO NOT require bidding.

The purchase should be made directly with the vendor by the department requiring the supply.

USE your initials, your phone extension and the month and day as your Purchase Order (P.O.) number: i.e., AMZ3595-6/25.

Arrange for delivery to your DESK (unless that is not feasible) AND ensure that the vendor INCLUDE the Purchase Order number ON the LABEL, so the storeroom will know where to delivery items that come into the storeroom.

At the time of purchase, the purchaser should also instruct the vendor to mail all invoices directly to the department purchasing the supply and to use the Purchase Order number on the invoice.

Upon receipt of invoice(s), the department should place the fund, funds center, and general ledger account number to be charged for the purchase on the face of the invoice.

The invoice should then be signed and approved for payment, signifying that the goods were received.

It should then be forwarded to Accounts Payable for payment.

NOTE: It is illegal to break up a requirement in order to remain within the $1,500 limit, OR ANY LIMIT.

For example, one cannot purchase $1,499.00 worth of supplies every quarter from the same vendor.

The fiscal year total to that vendor would be $5,996.00 which requires quotes to be obtained.

Standards/Compatibility-PRE-APPROVAL required:

In order to be sure the items below are within the standards set by the University and to maintain systems compatibility as necessary, pre-approval is necessary from the appropriate department cited below, prior to completing your Purchase Requisition:

  • Computer Hardware, Software & Licenses - Computing Center, Ext. 3324
  • Audio & Visual Equipment - Instructional Resources Department, Ext. 3501
  • Telecomm Equipment and Fax Machines - Telecommunications Office, Ext. 3100
  • Copy Machines - Procurement, Ext. 3203
  • Printed Materials - University Relations, Ext. 3845
  • Chemicals & Acids - Health and Safety Officer, Ext. 3208

Council of Trustees:
East Stroudsburg University's Council of Trustees meets periodically during the course of the academic year.

The Trustees review and ratify every purchase the University makes between $1,500 and $49,999.

Sole Source Procurement
The use of sole source procurement for purchases is not frequently done.

The University Contracting Officer approves in writing a determination documenting the criteria permitting sole source procurement for each instance.

Sole source procurement is usually permissible if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Only a single contractor is capable of providing the supplies, services or construction.
  • The purchase is exempt from competitive procurement by federal or state statue or regulation.
  • The total cost of supplies, services, or construction is less than $5,000.
  • If it is clearly not feasible to award the contract for supplies or services on a competitive basis.
  • The requested services to be provided must be performed by the manufacturer of the equipment or by the manufacturer's authorized dealer.
  • The contract for supplies or services is in the best interest of the University as determined by the University Contracting Officer.

For all sole source requests for the procurement of supplies, equipment or services in excess of $19,400, written approval must be obtained from university legal counsel prior to the issuance of any contract or purchase order.

When a requisition is submitted requiring sole source procurement the initiating department must fill out a copy of the Sole Source Contract Certification and submit it with the requisition.

The department written justification should clearly and concisely support the decision.

Personal opinions or prior association with the vendor/contractor alone is not sufficient.

Documentation should also describe specific efforts taken to locate alternate vendors/contractors.

Specifics should include contact names and phone numbers.

If the procurement was "advertised" in any manner, copies of the published document should accompany the request as well.

The person filling out the form should sign it.

All Sole Source forms also require the signature of a University Contracting Officer.

Legal Counsel also needs to sign all sole source requests in excess of $10,000.

Copier and Fax Purchases: The majority of the photocopier equipment on campus is in place through a Cost-Per-Copy program All requests for new or replacement equipment will be placed in this program unless sufficient justification is given.

The purchase of fax machines is handled the same as a purchase of any other commodity.

If a requisitioner is interested in purchasing a fax machine they should contact the Purchasing Department staff member for further information.

How to Track Your Purchase Requisition or Order:
A department who processed a request to purchase something may contact the Purchasing Department to find out the status of the delivery of their request and the Purchasing Agent will contact vendor to obtain delivery information.

If a vendor claims that a purchase order was never received, the Purchasing Agent immediately faxes a copy of the order to the vendor.

If the vendor indicates that shipment has been made the Purchasing Agent will request that they provide the University with proof of delivery.

The Purchasing Department will contact the Storeroom to verify that the shipment is not currently in the Receiving Area and then the Purchasing Agent contacts the Department and advises them of the status of their order.

The Department should periodically check the Display Requisition Screen ME53N access the Status Tab.

If the requisition has been turned into a Purchase Order the PO number will appear on this tab. The user should double click on the PO number, this will automatically take the user to the Purchase Order Display ME23N screen.

The user then should access the Purchase Order History tab to determine delivery of items.

If the Purchase Order History tab does not exist then the items have not been received or paid for.

Manual Forms:
Nearly everyone on campus with a departmental budget (and thus the ability to order supplies and equipment) has access to the SAP database.

All purchasing transactions should be done online.

Manual forms may occasionally be used for several types of purchases that cannot be processed electronically such as items in excess of $19,400 that need to have Invitations to Bid or Request for Proposals written.

Requests for items that require sole source procurement are also sometimes processed in written form, certain service related purchases, etc.

Manual forms are currently used for these purchases.

If a requisitioner has any questions or is in doubt as to which form should be used they can contact any Purchasing Department staff member.