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Shuttle Bus

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ESU Shuttle Bus Live Tracker

Black Shuttle (approximately every 20 minutes)

Begins at 7:20 AM from the Innovation Center, goes to University Ridge, KFH, FMC (facilities management complex) Zimbar, Recreation Center then back to Innovation Center.

Red Shuttle (approximately every 15 minutes)

Begins at 7:20 AM from the University Ridge, KFH, FMC, Zimbar, and the Recreation Center, back to University Ridge.

Silver Express Shuttle (approximately every 15 minutes)

Begins at 7:30 AM University Ridge, FMC, FA (Fine Arts), Marguerite St upon request, Library upon request, back to University Ridge


  • Black Shuttle starts at 7:20 AM and last run to the Innovation Center is at 10:30 PM Monday - Friday
  • Red Shuttle starts at 7:20 AM from the Ridge and the last run back to the Ridge is 2:30 PM Monday – Thursday and 2:00 PM on Friday
  • Silver Express Shuttle starts at 7:30 AM at the Ridge; last run from the Ridge is 3:30 PM; runs Monday – Thursday till 3:30 PM and Friday till 2:30 PM

Shuttle bus service is provided during fall and spring semesters when classes are in session. The service is free of charge for Riders presenting a valid ESU e-card/ID.  The Black Shuttle will be off route daily at approximately 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM for shift break.

Late Night Shuttle

The late night shuttle runs Thursday through Saturday from 8:30 PM until 2:30 AM with the last pickup in town scheduled for 2:15 on 7th street.

The late night shuttle stops are:

  • Ridge Apartments
  • Normal Street at Hemlock Suites
  • Walmart (last pickup is 12:15am going to campus)
  • 7th Street at public bus stop (last pickup is 2:15am returning to campus)