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Transfer Student Housing Options

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This page is meant to provide prospective transfer students with information regarding housing options at East Stroudsburg University.

Campus Housing:

ESU’s on-campus housing inventory includes five traditional residence halls, two apartment complexes (University Apartments and University Ridge), and three suite style residence halls. Transfer students interested in on-campus housing must make an on-line application. Housing offers are made starting in early April, so please set up and check your ESU email and your ESU portal regularly for the information.

Traditional housing consists of double and triple room bedroom units on long corridors, with common bathrooms. There are common area laundry and kitchen areas. Students living in traditional housing must purchase a meal plan.

University Apartments offer three single bedroom unit apartments, with a full kitchen, unfurnished living room, two private bathrooms, and air conditioning. University Ridge offers four single bedroom units, with a full kitchen, furnished living room, washer and dryer in each unit, two private bathrooms, and air conditioning. Students living in both of these apartment units have the option but are not required to purchase a meal plan.

Suite housing offers five different unit types. Each unit type comes with a private bathroom(s) and kitchenette; a food preparation area without appliances, and air conditioning. Students living in the suites must purchase a meal plan.

All rooms in traditional housing are single gender within the room. However, students living in the University Apartments, University Ridge, or in any suite housing units that have single rooms, may request to reside in a co-ed unit.

Campus housing is guaranteed for transfer students who make their $300 Enrollment Fee and complete the campus housing application by January 8, 2017 for spring 2017 enrollment, and June 1, 2017 for fall 2017 enrollment. After these respective dates, campus housing will be offered subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Students interested in campus housing must complete the online housing application form through their "MyESU" portal after they have submitted their Enrollment Fee. Most incoming transfer students are assigned to the suites.

For more information, please contact the Housing Office at (570) 422-3460. On-Campus housing rates vary depending on the style of housing and can be found on the pricing guide.