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Meet Our Staff

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Resident Director

Each residence hall is staffed with a Resident Director (RD), or Graduate Assistant (GA), who lives in the building.

The RD serves as the immediate supervisor for the Resident Advisors (RAs) in their area.

RDs are responsible for providing the day-to-day support necessary for the RA to be effective in their role as student leaders for their floors or halls.

In addition, the RDs are the immediate referral persons for the RAs. The RDs work directly with the Residence Life staff to ensure a healthy and safe residence hall environment.

See Organizational Chart

Resident Advisors (RAs)

RAs are upper-class student para-professionals who reside on each floor in the residence halls.

Their general responsibilities are:

  • To advise students on academic, administrative, personal and social matters within the limits of the Resident Advisor's experience and capabilities, or to refer students, as necessary, to appropriate services both on and off campus.
  • To be aware of student's progress and to attempt to identify academic and personal problems before they hinder the student's success at the university.
  • To develop a tradition of student responsibility that contributes to the proper decorum and general welfare of the residents.
  • To help stimulate an environment which encourages pride in, and unity of, the floor and hall through educational, recreational, and social activities, self-government, and student involvement.
  • To provide opportunity for student input, to disseminate official university information, and to explain administrative policies at regularly scheduled floor meetings.
  • To supervise the operation of the floor, including enforcement of university standards and regulations, and to make disciplinary referrals through the conduct process when appropriate.
  • To be responsible to the university for the overall supervision/administration of his/her floor. He/she is the official representative of the university on the floor.