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The preparation of food is permitted only in appliances which have an enclosed heating element and do not exceed 800 watts. Examples: hot air popcorn poppers; hot pots; blenders; small coffee makers; & microwaves.

Students who are interested in having a micro-fridge unit delivered directly to their room and picked up at the end of the year should contact Campus Specialties. Campus Specialties provides rental units at a reasonable cost with delivery, pick-up, and a 24-hour Service Hotline. Campus Specialties also offers Safe Rentals for students who are looking for additional security for some of their personal belongings. Both of these services can be ordered via Campus Specialties.


Extended absences should be reported to a residence hall staff member.

Before vacations and at the end of the semester, residents will be asked to notify their Resident Advisor of their intended departure date and time by signing a list either at the residence hall desk or on their floor. This is necessary so that the staff knows when the building is empty, and the building can be secured for the vacation.

Each student must do the following before leaving for vacation: unplug electrical equipment; close and lock windows, throw away perishable foods and defrost refrigerators, empty wastebaskets, turn off lights, leave the room neat and clean; and lock doors. (University Apartment residents have additional responsibilities.)

During times when the university is officially closed (Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break), the residence halls will also close. Hemlock Suites, University Apartments, and Minsi Hall will remain open for International Students, Athletes and Student Teachers who reside there, and for whom prior permission has been granted and arrangements made for their stay. University Ridge is open to Ridge residents with a 12-month contract. No other halls will be open and no other students will be given permission to stay over these break periods.

Building Furnishings/Features

All of our residence halls (except University Apts. & University Ridge) have communal kitchen(s) (stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink, etc), laundry, recreation and study areas, and TV rooms.

There is a varied selection of snack and beverage vending machines in each hall. Vending machine refunds may be obtained at the Campus Card Center, in the University Center.

The College Newspaper Readership program provides four newspapers daily, Monday through Friday, to the residence hall lobby areas. These include the "New York Times," "USA Today," "The Philadelphia Inquirer" and the "Morning Call-Allentown". The papers are available, for free, to all residence hall students.

Cable TV and Internet

Digital Cable TV and Internet service are provided at no additional charge through the University's Computing and Communication Services department. There are over 80 Digital and HD Cable channels provided, as well as a Residence Life movie channel, which features 12 new movies each month. You must have a digital television in order to connect to the Cable system, and a QAM tuner built into the TV. A few brands do not come standard with QAM tuners. If your television does not have this technology, you may rent a cable box from Blue Ridge Communications for a nominal monthly charge. Cable Internet and wireless Internet service is available in every room.

*No landline telephone service is provided in any residence hall.

Computer Labs

Every Residence Hall has a computer lab available for student use. For more information, see Academic Computing


There is a central laundry with washers and dryers in each residence hall. The cost of these machines is factored into your student fee. No payment is required at the time of use.


US Postal Service Mail is delivered (Monday-Friday) by the University Campus Mail Staff to each residence hall mailroom (excluding legally recognized holidays).

The mail is then distributed to the resident’s assigned mailbox. The mailbox number is the same as resident’s room number.

To improve delivery, please use the following EXAMPLE for your mailing address:

Full Name
East Stroudsburg University
Residence Hall Name and Room Number
200 Prospect Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

The campus is also serviced by private package companies (couriers) for deliveries directly to the residence halls. This includes DHL, Federal Express, UPS, etc. Please use the address format above.

University Ridge Apartments at 400 East Brown St.

The mail and packages delivery services are performed by the U.S. POST OFFICE, To improve delivery, please use the following EXAMPLE for your mailing address:

Full Name
University Ridge Apartments, Apartment number
400 East Brown Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Private package companies (couriers) includes DHL, Federal Express, UPS, etc. and use the address format above.

Recommendations and Tipts

Please remind family and friends not to send cash through the mail in cards or envelopes. The United States Postal Office and East Stroudsburg University are not responsible for loss or replacement of cash.

  • Money orders are available for purchase and redemption at the United States Post Offices and East Stroudsburg Post Office is three blocks from the campus.
  • Western Union has established the following East Stroudsburg merchants as a receiving agent; Wal-Mart, and Rite Aid.
  • Money gram available at CVS.

Room Furnishings/Features

Each room is provided with single beds, dressers, desks, and desk chairs. The rooms may be personalized with furniture from home but keep in mind the space is limited and must be shared with another person(s). No University provided furniture may be removed from the room.

In halls that do not have window blinds, a curtain rod or a tension rod will be provided. Students are asked to bring their own curtains/window treatments.

All of our residence halls (except University Apts.) have communal kitchen, laundry, recreation and study areas, and TV rooms.


First-Year Student housing assignments will be available on the MyHousing page of your ESU portal at the conclusion of all summer Orientation programs. Any room and roommate preferences noted on your MyHousing page will be honored whenever possible, but only in cases where both students have requested each other, and the requests are made by the deadline, and as space permits.


Smoking is prohibited inside the residence halls, and within twenty feet of all buildings.


All of our halls have 24 hour weekend visitation privileges and limited visitation on Sunday-Thursday from 10:00a.m. - 1:00a.m. All guests must be escorted while in the building. Non-Students must register at the desk and provide a valid I.D., ESU students must scant their eCards at residence hall entrances.

Please note, minors 12 years and under are not authorized visitors unless accompanied by a parent, they are a sibling of the resident student, and are not permitted to stay overnight. Minors between the ages of 13 and 17 are not authorized visitors unless they are a sibling of the resident and the parent/guardian submits an Application for Minor Guest. For full details and restrictions, see the Application below.


  • Alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverage containers (as decoration) are not permitted on campus.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the residence halls and within 20 feet of all buildings.
  • Students are not permitted to paint their rooms.
  • No motor vehicles are allowed on campus unless you have 60 credits or are 21 years of age, except at University Ridge where a parking space is provided.
  • Pets are not allowed, except for fish and service animals.