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East Stroudsburg University’s Residence Life and Housing Department utilizes a Residential Curriculum (ResU) in our residence halls. The Residential Curriculum is an intentional way of promoting learning in university residence life programs. The Residential Curriculum supports the Student Learning Outcomes of the University and has been designed around four pillars. These pillars are directly related to the missions of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, the University, the Division of Student Affairs and the Department.

The pillars are also linked to professional standards and ethical practices. The four pillars are: Practical Competence; Humanitarianism/Civic Engagement; Personal Competence; and Academic Success. The Curriculum is designed in three stages: “Moving In” (for freshman), “Moving Through” (for sophomores and juniors) and “Moving On” (for seniors). Each stage focusing on the different needs of the residents.

Each Resident Advisor tailors his/her curriculum to the needs of the residents. For example, an RA of a majority freshman floor will utilize the “Moving In” curriculum. Each semester, the RA is expected to plan at least one program in each pillar. Programs may be active or passive, but all must contain an assessment tool to measure student learning. RAs may develop original lesson plans or utilize one of the many lesson plans available to them on D2L. RAs are encouraged to stay current with their residents’ needs and creatively address those needs through a ResU program.

Every month, the Residential Curriculum Committee reviews all original lesson plans that were submitted via Google Forms. The committee then selects an Original Lesson Plan of the Month and an Original Bulletin Board of the Month. The winning plans are then added to the bank of lesson plans available on D2L.

The three stages, the four pillars and the identified outcomes are below:

For more information about the ResU, please contact Kelly Weaber at