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Policy Procedure

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  • Procedure Title: Room Change
  • Policy Number: SA-2013-002
  • Effective Date: N/A
  • Review Date: N/A
  • Division: Student Affairs
  • Responsible Office: Office of Residence Life & Housing

Procedure Summary:

To allow current students to request a room change.


Students seeking a room change may pick up a Room Change Request form from their Resident Director.

The form requires signatures from roommate(s) and Resident Director(s) before being turned into the Associate Director of Residence Life and Housing for approval.

If approved, copies of the form will be sent back to the Resident Director, who will inform the student.

The student must complete their move within two business days following notification from their Resident Director.


Room Change Request Form

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Associate Director of Residence Life & Housing, (570) 422-3460