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Off Campus Housing

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The Office of Residence Life compiles a list of available off campus housing. This list includes properties owned and managed by individuals within our surrounding community.

We do not inspect, approve, nor recommend any listed space nor are we responsible for the condition of the housing, the safety, or well being of the student while they reside in any off campus housing. The Off Campus list is a service to our students to make the task of finding places to live within the community a little easier.

It is, also, highly recommended that individuals secure renters insurance for their belongings. Please research what coverage may work best for your and your situation.

Also, if you have returned an On-Campus Housing Application to Residence Life and Housing Operations phone: (570) 422-3460, assignments will continue to be made from the wait list as spaces become available.

Most incoming transfer students will be assigned to one of the suites.

Guide to Living Off-Campus

Off-Campus Housing List

If you are a landlord and would like your rental to be included in the Off-Campus Housing List, please fill out the Landlord Application and return it to the Office of Residence Life & Housing. PLEASE NOTE: Application will not appear in the browser preview, it must be downloaded and opened in the most recent version of Adobe Reader.