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Moving Through

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Pillar Definition Desired Outcomes
Pracitcal Competence Pursuing goals; communicating effectively; technical competence; managing personal affairs & career development; demonstrating professionalism; maintaining health and wellness; living purposeful & satisfying life
  • Effectively balance personal finances
  • Understand FAFSA
  • Utilize available campus resources
  • Increase hall involvement
  • Look into ways which can assist creating a balanced life
  • Get serious about personal life, relationships & academics
  • Identify major, strengthen commitment to major
  • Build a professional wardrobe
  • Create/ update resume, create social media professional pages
  • Develop a networking list for possible jobs
  • Meet with a Career Counselor to discuss experiential education
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Begin researching graduate/professional school requirements
  • Look at requirements and timelines for graduate/professional school
  • Take admission prep courses and tests (MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.)
  • Research scholarship opportunities for graduate/professional schools
Humanitarianism/Civic Engagement Understanding & appreciation of cultural and human differences; social responsibility; global perspectives & sense of civic responsibility
  • Engage in & interact with people who are different
  • Evaluate personal goals & values
  • Engage in Community Service project
  • Practice sustainability
  • Consider studying abroad
  • Select an international roommate
Personal Competence Interpersonal -
Meaningful relationships; interdependence; collaboration & effective leadership.

Intrapersonal -Realistic self-appraisal; self-understanding, self-respect; identity development; commitment to ethics & integrity

Interpersonal -
  • Engage in regularly planned floor/hall activities
  • Recommit to mentor/mentee relationship
  • Pursue one organization which supports your major/career
  • Pursue one organization of personal interest
  • Prepare for next year’s housing. Plan out the process.
  • Join professional organizations as a student member
  • Learn Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Recognize healthy/unhealthy relationships, seek consent
Intrapersonal -
  • Reflect on values and passions
  • Increase self-assertion skills
  • Assume leadership role in one student organization
  • Establish time for self
  • Assess individual ATOD behaviors/ risks
  • Identify role models and why they are role models
  • Assist in planning one on-campus event
  • Show Warrior Pride by attending athletic events
  • Understand the responsibility of drinking and driving
  • Determine sexual health
Academic Success Connecting knowledge to other knowledge, ideas & experiences; relating knowledge to daily life; critical thinking; reflective thinking; reflective reasoning & creativity.
  • Clarify career objectives and goals
  • Consider enhancing academic program with minor/certificate
  • Meet with advisor to discuss core curriculum & develop academic plan
  • Select a faculty/staff mentor
  • Develop deeper relationships with faculty/staff
  • Identify & ask faculty/staff to write letters of recommendation
  • Solidify study strategies for self
  • Set up summer internship