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Moving In

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Pillar Definition Desired Outcomes
Practical Competence Pursuing goals; communicating effectively; technical competence; managing personal affairs & career development; demonstrating professionalism; maintaining health and wellness; living purposeful & satisfying life
  • Take the Career Assessment online
  • Meet with academic advisor
  • Effectively balance personal finances
  • Understand FAFSA Application Process
  • Identify & apply for available grants and scholarships
  • Identify available campus resources
  • Explore the Recreation Centers and participate in one class/service
  • Orient self with campus buildings
  • Establish study hours for self
  • Identify a healthy diet
  • Understand and practice health prevention strategies (personal hygiene, routine room cleaning, condom use, etc.)
  • Understand Schedule Management
Humanitarianism/Civil Engagement Understanding & appreciation of cultural and human differences; social responsibility; global perspectives & sense of civic responsibility
  • Engage in & interact with people who are different
  • Participate in various cultural events/activities
  • Evaluate personal goals & values
  • Identify Community Service opportunities
  • Engage in Community Service project
  • Participate in Community Board/ RHA
  • Practice sustainability
  • Explore the local community by using the Pocono Pony
  • Understand your rights as an ESU student
  • Identify how one’s own beliefs and values influence one’s perspective
  • Acknowledge multiple perspectives exist
Personal Comptence Interpersonal -
Develop meaningful relationships; learn collaboration & effective leadership.

Intrapersonal -
Realistic self-appraisal; self-understanding, self-respect; identity development; commitment to ethics & integrity
  • Engage in regularly planned floor/hall social activities
  • Discuss being a good community member
  • Participate in Community Board/ RHA meeting
  • Read the One Book, One Campus selection
  • Join 1 student organization
  • Understanding Room Selection process
  • Understand what being an active bystander means
  • Establish set times to talk with family and friends from home
  • Disconnect from social media/ technology and interact in person
  • Recognize healthy/unhealthy relationships - seek consent
Intrapersonal -
  • Identify effective stress management strategies
  • Explore personal values and identity
  • Identify personal strengths & areas for improvement
  • Identify role of ATOD in one’s life
  • Understand P.A.R.T.Y Smart
  • Know what services are provided by the University Health Services
  • Utilize CAPS when necessary
Academic Success Connecting knowledge to other knowledge, ideas & experiences; relating knowledge to daily life; critical thinking; reflective thinking; reflective reasoning & creativity.
  • Recognize the differences between college & high school classes
  • Identify prerequisites and which semesters they are offered
  • Explore styles of learning
  • Choose effective study strategies for self
  • Demonstrate academic integrity
  • Get to know faculty during office hours
  • Understand what tutoring and writing resources are available
  • Connect with upperclassman in your major
  • Learn how to calculate your GPA
  • Understand how freshman GPA effects college career