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Greek Life

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Welcome to the East Stroudsburg University Greek Life.

Throughout this site you can find information about the social Greek organizations that we have available at the university.

We have seven sororities and eight fraternities across multiple National Umbrella organizations including: North-American Interfraternity Conference, National Association of Fraternal Latino Organizations, National Multicultural Greek Council, National Panhellenic Conference, and National Pan-Hellenic Council. We have one sorority that is a local organization and is unique to East Stroudsburg University.

Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Chi
Alpha Sigma Tau Kappa Alpha Psi
Chi Upsilon Sigma Kappa Delta Rho
Lambda Iota Lambda Sigma Upsilon
Mu Sigma Upsilon Phi Beta Sigma
Sigma Sigma Sigma Phi Sigma Kappa
Zeta Phi Beta Sigma Pi
  Theta Chi

Getting involved with a fraternity or sorority on this campus means having a chance to get involved with campus life and associate with positive organizations on our campus.

Initiated members of Greek Life play a proactive role at ESU.

Fraternity and sorority members engage in many forms of community service and volunteer work that help to make ESU and the surrounding community a strong, tight-knit place.

Initiated members and potential members alike are always encouraged to study first and play later, as academics play the most important role in your time spent at ESU.

Chapters assist each other in academics, offering study hours to any in need.

We also encourage our members to enjoy the social events, which give them a chance to develop their interpersonal commutation skills and relish their college years.

The Greek Affairs office encourages members to participate in the numerous activities sponsored by Greek Life.

From Greek Week to community service projects, members coordinate, preside over or volunteer for various events on and off campus.

The University Center, which houses the Greek Affairs Office, is the central location for the Greek community.

Meetings, mail and socializing all find their way into this office.

Competition and camaraderie go hand in hand with our chapters.

From academics to sports, our chapters compete with and against each other to perform their best.

Whether you are looking for leadership, sportsmanship or academics, Greek Life can offer you these with a promise of life long friendships.

Stop by and take a look.

If you have any questions please feel free to stop by the Greek Affairs Office or call us at (570) 422-3775.