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Warrior Promise: Current Undergraduate Students

Students at Commencement

May currently enrolled undergraduates participate in the Warrior Promise Tuition guarantee?

Frequently Asked QuestionsYes, currently enrolled undergraduate students MAY OPT IN to the Warrior Promise Tuition guarantee. Those students who opt in will be included in the Fall 2018 Warrior Promise cohort and will pay a fixed tuition rate that will not increase for 8 consecutive regular semesters.

Whether a current student should Opt In will depend on their personal circumstances. Factors to consider would include the number of credits you have earned to date, progress towards your degree, the number of credits you take each semester, whether you plan to double major or earn a second degree.

If you are interested in participating in the Warrior Promise tuition guarantee, please complete this form.

In July, after the Board of Governors has established the new tuition rates, you will be contacted via your ESU email address and asked to confirm that you want to participate in the Warrior Promise Tuition Guarantee.