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  • Procedure Title: Refund Authorization
  • Policy Number:  N/A
  • Effective Date: August 19, 2013
  • Review Date: 
  • Division: Enrollment Management
  • Responsible Office: Student Enrollment Center

Procedure Summary:

These procedures apply to the students’ use of advance funds from their financial aid refund to apply to institutional charges (e.g. purchase books in the bookstore).


  • The Student Enrollment Center notifies students that they are eligible for a refund of their financial aid including Title IV funds that can be used to cover institutional charges (e.g. the purchase books in the bookstore).
  • The student is responsible to review award notifications and cost of attendance information to determine if they can participate.  If the student concludes he/she is eligible to participate, they will complete a “Financial Aid Refund Authorization” form and submit it to The Student Enrollment Center.
  • The Student Enrollment Center will check total offered aid against projected tuition and fees.  If a refund is not projected, the Student Enrollment Center will notify the student.  If a refund is anticipated, the Student Enrollment Center will post the Authorization to Banner Accounts Receivable as a detail code (i.e. RFAA) to encumber the amount authorized.
  • The Computing Center will regularly run a program to check for all Authorization detail codes and download the student information to the E-Card system. The student information downloaded will include student name, student ID, and amount authorized. 
  • The Financial Aid Refund Authorizations (RFAA) will be held on the E-Card as a deferred financial aid account that students can utilize by swiping their e-cards to make educational purchases in the bookstore.
  • The Authorization Charge period will end on the Friday of the second week of the semester and can only be used in the bookstore.
  • At the end of the Charge period, students who have remaining funds on their E-Card based on their financial aid refund may request that these funds be returned to them through the Student Activities Association, Inc.
  • The Student Activities Association, Inc. will send an invoice to the Student Enrollment Center.
  • The Bursar will reconcile the invoice to Banner within one week of receipt.  Once reconciled, the Bursar will approve and code the invoice and then send it to Accounts Payable along with the reconciliation for payment.
  • Accounts Payable will process the invoice for payment.


Available at the Student Enrollment Center

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