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Policy Procedures

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  • Procedure Title: Undergraduate Readmission
  • Policy Number: EMN-2011-005
  • Effective Date: August 29, 2011
  • Review Date:
  • Division: Enrollment Management
  • Responsible Office: Admissions

Procedure Summary:

Readmission applies to students who have previously attended East Stroudsburg University as a degree seeking student. Former undergraduate students who do not enroll at the University for two consecutive terms (this includes summer semesters) or are dismissed must apply for readmission by the deadline.

If a student has attended ESU for a semester and withdrew from that semester, the student is considered to have attended that semester and applying for readmission may not be necessary.

When reviewing a readmission application, the University will take into consideration a student’s academic history as well as potential for success in the selected major; however, readmission is based on availability and is not guaranteed.

If a student left East Stroudsburg University in good academic standing with acceptable academic progress in a particular major before an absence of two or more semesters, and is reapplying to the same major (exceptions: Nursing and Speech Pathology) without having earned any additional credits elsewhere, readmission is generally granted.

The standard readmission procedures are outlined on the ESU Admissions Office website.

If a student leaves for an entire year, and is subsequently readmitted, the catalog in effect at the time of readmission must be followed.

If a student transfers to another four-year institution, the student is now classified as a transfer student and must complete the appropriate application.


There are three different categories of readmission to East Stroudsburg University.

Each category has different requirements for readmission as well as different application deadlines so students must complete the appropriate application.

If seeking readmission after being dismissed from East Stroudsburg University, the student must apply by the deadline according to the university calendar.

Students who leave the University in good standing may resume their studies by completing an online readmission application, and submitting the appropriate application fee.

They will be notified in writing of their readmission status.

Students who have been dismissed from the University and wish to resume their education should complete a readmission application, submit the appropriate fee, and make an appointment for an interview with an admission counselor.

All previous course work at the University remains part of the permanent record for students who have been readmitted, and the cumulative average includes all prior grades, regardless of how much time elapsed between enrollments.



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