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  • Procedure Title: Determination of Student Residency
  • Policy Number: 
  • Effective Date: July 1, 1993
  • Review Date: March 13, 2013
  • Division: Enrollment Management
  • Responsible Office: Student Enrollment Center

Procedure Summary:

The State System of Higher Education Board of Governors has established differential tuition payment for Pennsylvania and out-of-state students.

The Board of Governors has proved such criteria in Board of Governors Policy 1985-03, as amended of the Board of Governor's Regulations.


  1. Initial Determination
    1. The initial determination of residency will be made utilizing information available from the student application by the Director of Admissions upon acceptance to the University.
    2. All domicile determination shall be made in accordance with the Board of Governor's policy and applicable residency regulations.
  2. Domicile Reclassification
    1. Students desiring to change their place of residency should obtain a Residency Change Package from the Student Enrollment Center.
    2. Forms should be completed and returned with photocopies of supporting documents to the Student Enrollment Center's Associate Director of Enrollment Services/Operations.
    3. The Associate Director of Enrollment Services/Operations of the University is designated as the responsible officer for reclassification and will make a determination of student residency within thirty days of receipt of the Residency Change Package.
    4. The student will be notified of this determination by mail.

Appeal Statement:

  1. Any student who is dissatisfied with the decision made by the Associate Director of Enrollment Services/Operations in response to his/her petition may appeal it by sending a written appeal to the Office of the Chancellor, PA State System of Higher Education, Dixon University Center, 2986 North Second Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110.
  2. The written appeal must be received by the Office of the Chancellor within thirty days of the date the University's decision was mailed to the student. The written appeal shall set forth the reasons why the student feels the University's decision is erroneous.
  3. The Office of the Chancellor shall notify the University of the appeal. Upon such notice, the University's shall transmit to the Chancellor, or his/her designee, copies of the student's data form and its statement of reasons. Additionally, the Chancellor or his designee may require the student and the University officer or committee to meet to stipulate as to all undisputed facts.
  4. The student and the University may submit written arguments in support of their positions to the Chancellor or his/her designee in accordance with such limitations as that office may prescribe.
  5. The Chancellor or his/her designee shall issue a written decision granting or denying the student's appeal and shall transmit it to the student and the University by first class mail.
  6. Within the State System of Higher Education the decision of the Chancellor shall be final.


Residency Change Package available at the Student Enrollment Center.

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