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Graduate School

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Students interested in pursuing further education after completing and undergraduate degree with ESU should understand the requirements to apply to various graduate programs. Early preparation is essential in graduate school planning.

Why attend graduate school immediately after college?

  • Uninterrupted studies
  • Easier while in "student" mode
  • Better job market in future
  • No disruption in career later
  • Admission/tests may be harder later
  • Current financial assistance

Why work for a few years first?

  • Better opportunities for advancement
  • Career change
  • Better focused student
  • Establish solid experience
  • Education paid by employer
  • Need for updated technology training
  • Mandatory for admissions

Graduate School Resources

Why go to grad school?

Everyone has his or her own unique motivation for continuing their education:

  • Career mobility
  • Advancing your degree
  • Marketing yourself
  • Changing & stimulating your career
  • Simply seeking knowledge
  • Competitiveness in job market
  • Love for the field

What type of graduate school is right for me?

Graduate School

  • Master's Degree: A Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.S.) offers new job opportunities or advancements
  • Doctorate and Research Doctorate Degrees: Doctorate degrees enables you to teach college and complete research. A Ph.D. allows a variety of research and development-oriented opportunities in the public or private sector.

Professional School

  • Professional Master's: A Professional Master's gives skills in a particular industry, such as business, academia, or engineering.
  • Professional Doctorate: An M.D. is needed for medical practice or the J.D. for law
  • Other Degrees:Veterinary medicine, pharmacy, optometry or dentistry etc.

What factors should I consider in my decision making process?

  • Size and location
  • Fit with your particular interests, academic background, and goals
  • Programs' prerequisites (ex. Work experience, academic preparation, skill set etc.)
  • Selectivity of the program
  • Acceptance Rate

Where can I start my research?

There are more than 1,800 institutions in the United States that offer graduate degrees. You can learn about these programs through:

  • College guides/books
  • Program Literature
  • News Magazine Ranking guides (ex. U.S. News)
  • University libraries and career centers
  • Faculty mentors
  • Web sites

How can I apply?

  • Application deadlines and processes vary—however most require:
  • Undergraduate Transcripts
  • Recommendation letters
  • Personal statement
  • Admissions tests
  • Other specific requirements

Graduate Admissions Preparation and Application

How can I prepare for the testing component?

You will be required to take one of four main exams based on what area you wish to continue your study in:

  • Law School - Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • Business School - Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT),
  • Medical School - Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  • Other Programs - Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

It is highly recommended that you speak to a person in admissions for the program you wish to apply to determine which exam is required for their program and the average scores of admitted students. This information may also be found on the homepage of the department or schools web site. Once you know this, you should begin to think about your time line of when you will begin studying or taking a preparation course, when you will take the exam, and when your exam scores will be reported for application purposes to the graduate program.

Resources for Preparation Courses and Practice Exams

The Career Development Center Counselors can assist you with your application or your personal statements. For more resources, please reference: is a directory of searchable graduate school listings with testing information, financial aid and graduate school news.

Today, graduate schools opportunities throughout the world are diverse. If you have interests in a specific field of study, exploring the options of attending graduate school will be beneficial.

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