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Internship Fundamentals

An internship is a work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands-on work experience in a certain occupational field. Most internships are temporary assignments that last approximately three month up to a year.

An internship is any career-related experience that enhances a students understanding of his or her career field while offering a direct learning component to the experience. All majors are strongly encouraged to gain career experience in their field of interest prior to graduation.

The internship may or may not be for academic credit (that is strictly determined by each academic department – see your advisor). Some internships are paid, and some are for not. Some are full-time positions for a semester, while others are part-time and take place concurrently while the student is enrolled in other classes.

An internship is a great place to make contacts, develop your professional skills and broaden your horizons. Use your network of contacts. Are there friends of the family, parents of friends, or other acquaintances who might work at a company you’re interested in?

If you’re familiar with or interested in a company, check their websites for internships. If they have programs, great, go ahead and apply. If not, write to them anyways, send your resume, and ask about internship positions. They might not have anything, and may not get back to you, but they might be impressed by your initiative.

Internship Search Strategies

How can I find a valuable internship experience?

Many students make valuable network connections via your family or friends that can help them find valuable career experience. There are many networking options within the Eller College and beyond that can lead to experiential learning opportunities to complement your classroom experiences. In order to learn more about these options, visit the Professional Development Center for a career development appointment.

How can I keep my Career Profile updated?

Updating your Career Profile on warriorcareers and keeping it current helps your academic advisor and professional development staff members to help you. By knowing your preferences for employment industry, location, and graduate school, we can create programs based on your needs. It can help with getting recruiters on campus that you are interested in, and development learning communities with similar interests. Helps us help you and update your Career Profile at least once a semester!

You can access your Career Profile by:

  1. logging into warriorcareers make sure “Personal Profile” is selected
  2. click “Edit”
  3. Update your resume and post it

What campus resources are available to me?

Every Fall and Spring semester Career Development brings employers to conduct interviews with ESU students and recent alumni for job and internship opportunities.

Employers range from high tech corporations, to businesses, to nonprofit organizations and government agencies. All students of ALL MAJORS will find opportunities of interest and are highly encouraged to participate.

What is warriorcareers that I keep hearing about?

Warriorcareers is the ESU career management system. Employers who have internships available will post them on the system. Search under “Internships” in the job boards warriorcareers and NACELink Network.

Step 1: Research internships and companies you are interested in.

When speaking with a recruiter and/or applying for an internship, you should already have a good idea of the company background and types of positions they are hiring for. Here is a checklist of things you should research on a company prior to the interview:

  • Company background – what does the company do?
  • Company locations – where does this company have offices?
  • Company employees – what kinds of positions are the company hiring for? What majors of students are the company looking for?
  • Main competitors – who are the company’s main competitors and industry leaders?
  • Recent news – has the company been highlighted in the news recently?

Many top internship programs will post opportunities on internship search websites (see below).

  • Watch deadlines , as most top internships have deadlines before December 31st
  • Use networks — your family, friends and peers are great resources to tap into
  • Go to career fairs — take your business cards, research companies beforehand, and tell recruiters you are specifically looking for an internship

Step 2: Update resume and over letters.

Tailor these documents to match individual company/internship qualifications.

  • Your professors and industry professionals are your best resource!

Step 3: Apply for internships based on company instructions.

Depending on the web site or resource you are using there are various ways to apply. Please check each individual opportunity for specifications.

Step 4: Follow up.

  • After two weeks, follow up with the company. Make contact to see if your documents were received and if you can schedule an interview. Persistence pays off, but know where to draw the line.
  • Let the Career Development Center team know about your successes! Use “Got An Offer” on our web site to report it!

How can student organizations help me get an internship?

Many students find valuable internship connections through active involvement in student clubs and organizations. Many employers are interested in advertising their positions to active students, and they find the best route to follow is to make a direct connection with the organization. Many guest speakers to organizations can also help students find career opportunities within their organizations.

For more information, please contact us.