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Career Preparation

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Career preparation will help you develop skills as you study and explore career options to ensure your success. Career preparation and development is one of the most important developmental process in a student’s college experience. Deciding on a career is a developmental process, marked by significant events and experiences. Your curriculum will impart many field-specific skills, but for professionalism that will set you apart in the applicant pool, you’ll also need to step outside of the classroom. Employers want well rounded students that enhance their in classroom education with key career-related experiences. With a solid foundation of self-assessment, you will be able to develop materials that represent you well, clearly identify, understand, and describe your skills and accomplishments. The effectiveness of your resume e-mails and interviews make a difference.


  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Develop global awareness
  • Refine your career goals
  • Begin developing your post-graduation plan
  • Build a professional network, including faculty and staff

Career Planning

Below is a career planning timeline to help students gage where they need to be in the career planning process and how they can achieve these goals.

Freshman Year: Explore & Discover
Sophomore Year: Research & Choose
Junior Year: Focus & Engage
Senior Year: Apply & Achieve

Other Career Preparation Resources

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