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Career Coaching

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Career Coaching

Whether you are starting your undergraduate education, entering a graduate program, or switching fields, self-discovery is a great place to start to shaping your future goals. When you find a field that matches your skills, interests, values, and personality, it’s hard to go wrong.


  • Identify your skills, interests, and values to discover career paths that are a good match
  • Seek out academics and activities related to your career interests
  • Connect with career development resources

Here at ESU we are committed to helping our students land their dream job, from career coaching to interview and resume help, we want to develop our students to outstanding professionals.


Discover what you enjoy doing and the skills and talents you possess. Match these skills and talents with career possibilities.  Pick a variety of career fields you would be interested in and investigate them. Research companies and career paths.

Career Exploration Resources

Career resources include company research web sites, career search sites, specific business search sites and job outlook salary Surveys.

The Career Development Center at East Stroudsburg University has a team of Career Advisors to assist students and alumni through the career search process. Our team of Career Advisors provides students/alumni with years of experience and expertise. You can schedule a half hour appointment with a Career Advisor by calling (570) 422-3219 or emailing

Daria Wielebinski
Director Career Development Center
(570) 422-3282

Luke Zeigler
Career Advisor
(570) 422-3035

Melinda Rosen
(570) 422-3219

Mary K Dziadual
Graduate Student Career Advisor
(570) 422-3045

Katie Nork
Student Worker
(570) 422-3046