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Major & Career Exploration

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Get Started - kuderjourney

Use Kuderjourney for career exploration

Student Access Code:J3957727PEK

The Career Development Center offers current students and alumni access to Kuder Journey, a self-paced, online career guidance program used to assist you in career exploration. Through using Kuder Journey you’re able to research careers, understand your values, interests, skills and potential career matches with greater clarity. Inventories can be particularly useful in helping you sort out a direction, identifying your skills, interests, and values, as well as your motivations.

Mission: Raise student aspirations and to provide career options to students and adults through self-assessment and education

Goals: Speed up the attainment of collegiate degrees, increase retention and graduation rates, provide life long career guidance and development

As a whole – users demonstrated an increase in school performance

60% of users never adjusted college major after using the tool

20% more likely to stay in school

What Kuder Journey Offers:

  • A tool for assessing a user’s skills, interests, and work values
  • Flexible, step-by-step career and educational guidance tailored to each user
  • Conduct research on occupations, majors, schools, financial aid, scholarship options
  • Develop job-searching skills
  • Access to a life-long e-Portfolio