The Department of Sport Management offers a bachelor of science degree with a major in Sport Management.

This program prepares students for professional careers in the sports management industry.

The program provides students with many options and considerable flexibility in course selection, depending on interest and goals.

Course offerings are extensive and there are opportunities for internships in professional sports, college athletics, amateur and Olympic athletics, and recreation sport.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Corequisite Courses (9 credits):

  • MGT 200 Principles of Management
  • MGT 204 Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 211 Financial Accounting Fundamentals

Required Theory courses (45 credits):

  • SMGT 201 Foundations of Sport Management
  • SMGT 302 Psychosocial Aspects of Sport
  • SMGT 304 Historical Concepts of Sport
  • SMGT 346 Computer Applications in Sport Management
  • SMGT 347 Introduction to Sport Law
  • SMGT 405 Comparative & International Issues
  • SMGT 408 Financing Sport Operations
  • SMGT 409 Concept of Sport Marketing
  • SMGT 440 Contemporary Sport
  • SMGT 445 Organization and Administration
  • SMGT 447 Sport Facilities
  • SMGT 486 Field Experience and Internship (12 credits)

Elective courses (6 credits), choose 2 courses below:

  • SMGT 209 Principles of Coaching
  • SMGT 286 Early Internship
  • SMGT 327 Stress Management
  • SMGT 402 Psychology of Sport
  • SMGT 404 Philosophical Concept of Sport
  • SMGT 406 Theory and Techniques of Coaching

Additional requirements:

  1. Students transferring into the program (on campus) must have a 2.5 overall quality point average and all grades ā€œCā€ or better in major and corequisites.
  2. SMGT 201 and all corequisites must be completed with a ā€œCā€ or better before 60 credits.
  3. Sport Management majors must attain an overall quality point average and a major point average of 2.5 for enrollment in SMGT 486 (internship) and graduation.

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