Students in other majors who wish to deepen their knowledge of mathematics, statistics, or actuarial science can earn a minors offered by the mathematics departments.

For students in majors such as chemistry, computer science, and physics, the minors may require only one or two additional mathematics courses beyond the mathematics courses already required for their major.

To register for any of the minors, the student should contact the Mathematics Department.

Program Plans for Minors

Minor in Applied Statistics: 18 Credits

This program emphasizes practical applications of statistics. Students who complete this program will be educated consumers of statistical information and capable of many types of data analysis.

Minor in Mathematical Statistics: 18 Credits

This provides concentrated study of statistics. Students who complete this program understand data analysis, including its theoretical underpinnings.

Minor in Mathematics: 21 Credits

The minor in mathematics consists of the introductory courses in the mathematics major. Completing the program will develop the student’s problems-solving skills and prepare the student for technical positions or graduate study in STEM disciplines.

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