If your payroll question is not answered below, please contact a member of our customer service team at (570) 422-3422 or email askhr@esu.edu. We are here to help you!

Payroll - Faculty & Staff

  • When can I access my payroll statement?
    You can view your pay statement as early as Monday of the pay week on ESS.
  • Why am I not receiving paper payroll statements?
    We have gone paperless ("green") and you can now access your payroll statement on ESS if you are direct deposited. If needed, you can print it from the portal as well.
  • How do I sign in through ESS?
    Go to the main State System website under Human Resources - Employee Self Service ("the Portal"). Be sure to turn off any pop-up blockers. You will log in using your email address and your network password.
  • What can I access/change on ESS?

    Employee Self-Serve (ESS) is a web-based service that provides employees with personal information related to their employment with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The information covers:

    • Personal Information (personal data, address, emergency contact and bank information)
    • Benefits (medical/vision/dental, life insurance, disability, flex spending, AD&D and Retirement)
    • Leave & Time (view balances and absences & submit leave requests)
    • Payroll (pay statement and W-4)

    In addition to what you can view on ESS, you also have the ability to change the following:

    • Emergency contact information
    • W4 for federal tax withholding
    • Primary telephone number
    • Ethnicity/race information
    • Education information
    • Limited benefits enrollment
    • Submit leave requests (non-instructional staff only)
    • Add/change primary direct deposit account
    • Enroll for electronic delivery of W-2 form
  • I have an address change who do I inform?
    You will need to complete an address change form which is located on the Human Resources webpage and return it to the Payroll office for processing.
  • I have not received my W-2 how can I request a copy?
    If you requested to receive your W-2 online you can log into the Employee Self-Service portal (ESS) and find a copy by navigating to the Employee Self-Service tab and selecting the “Payroll” option then click on the “Display W-2 form”. If you did not elect to receive an electronic copy and you did not receive a paper copy by mail, please email payroll@esu.edu for assistance.

Payroll - Students

  • I do not have an original Social Security Card with me. Is there another ID that I can provide instead?

    An original Social Security Card is requested for I-9 purposes and for Payroll purposes. If you do not have an original Social Security Card, you may provide an original birth certificate or original Passport to satisfy the I-9, and then provide a copy of the social security card.

    *Please be advised that a birth certificate needs to be accompanied by a photo ID. Refer to the list of Acceptable Documents attached to the I-9 form.

  • Why can’t I log my hours in E-time?
    If you have not submitted your entire payroll packet, or you have not completed the full background check process, you will not be able to access E-time. However, if you have completed the processes, and are still having trouble, please contact Human Resource office at (570) 422-3422 or askhr@esu.edu.

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If your payroll question is not answered above, please contact a member of our customer service team at (570) 422-3422 or email askhr@esu.edu. We are here to help you!

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