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Periodic Review Report

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Periodic Review Report

The Periodic Review Report (PRR), due five years after the decennial self-study and reaffirmation of accreditation, is a retrospective, current, and prospective analysis of the institution. As an essential phase of the accreditation cycle, the PRR should demonstrate that the institution meets the standards by which the Commission reaffirms or denies accredited status.

Objectives of PRR

  1. To assess the impact of significant major developments, changes, or challenges subsequent to the last evaluation
  2. To assess ESU's response to recommendations resulting from the previous Middle States evaluation
  3. To review ESU's enrollment trends, financial status, and enrollment and financial projections
  4. To determine the current status of the implementation of processes for the assessment of institutional effectiveness and the assessment of student learning outcomes (Accreditation Standards 7 and 14)
  5. To assess the extent to which linked institutional planning and budgeting processes are in place

Reaffirm Accreditation Letter (November 16, 2012)
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