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Student Course Evaluation

Beginning with the Fall 2009 semester, the administration of the Student Course Evaluation process moved to the Office of Institutional Research & Assessment.

Student course evaluations can be administered in the classroom using paper forms or online using the Campus Labs platform. Professors choose which method they prefer at the beginning of each semester. Both methods use the same evaluation questions and provide an opportunity for open ended comments.

Special provisions have been built into the process for quarter, distance education, and extended learning sections.

For student teachers, evaluations are administered by the Field Experience Office

Reports for all sections are processed after grades are submitted at the end of the semester. Professors can access their online results after grades are rolled to academic history in Banner. Reports from the paper administration are distributed by the Deans Offices and are available approximately one month after the end of the semester.

The original paper Scantron response forms will be retained for one full academic year after the end of the academic year during which they were completed. For example, survey forms from the Fall Semester 2012, Spring Semester 2013, and Summer 2013, will be shredded at the end of August 2014.