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Academic Affiliation Agreement

What is an Affiliation Agreement?

An affiliation agreement is a contract between ESU and an external entity for purposes of providing an educational opportunity for students. These opportunities are generally in a supervisory situation such as a clinical experience, an internship, or a student teaching assignment.

Who are the external entities?

  • Partnership or Individual
  • Corporation
  • Commonwealth Agency
  • Other State Agency
  • Independent Agency
  • Another PASSHE Institution
  • Non-PASSHE Institution of Higher Education

Why use an Affiliation Agreement?

The purpose of an affiliation agreement is to memorialize each party’s rights and responsibilities in regards to the educational opportunity. Their use is best practice – they protect the University, they protect the student, and they manage the expectations of all parties involved.

What legal review is required?

All ESU contracts/agreements must be approved by legal counsel under the Commonwealth Attorneys Act. Any affiliation agreement not prepared using a pre-approved template must go through legal review before it can be executed.

Who is authorized to sign Affiliation Agreements?

An appropriate representative of the external entity as well as ESU’s Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs must sign the agreements.

Please Click Here to view the email assigning Signatory Authorization for Academic Affiliation Agreements, Internship Agreements, and Grants.

What is ESU’s administrative process for putting Affiliation Agreements in place?

  • Process Guide 1 - Using an Approved Agreement Template with No Changes Made
  • Click here for templates approved by legal counsel
  • Process Guide 2 - Using an Approved Agreement Template with Changes or Using an External Entity Template


For help with Academic Affiliation Agreements, or if you have any questions, contact our office at or (570) 422-2748. Our office is located at 108 Normal Drive in the Hoeffner Science and Technology Center, Room 235.