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Responsibilities of Principle Investigator(s)

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  • Manage the development of the project in accordance with accepted scientific standards.
  • Insure the integrity and safeguarding of all collected data.
  • Ensure project review of all human participant research by the University IRB, prior to the initiation of the study.
  • Ensure that participants in research be apprised of all risks and benefits so that their consent to participate is based on pertinent information.
  • Assure project adherence to approved research protocols and policies.
  • Notify the IRB of any changes made to the protocol and or participant consent process/document.
  • Report any potential changes in the risk/benefit ratio that are manifested/discovered during the research process.
  • Meet the continuing review requirements established by the IRB.
  • Report all serious and adverse effects encountered during the investigation to the IRB.
  • Immediately notify the IRB if a protocol is completed or withdrawn.
  • Remain aware of, and comply with the policies of the IRB at ESU.
  • Provide documentation of completion for required educational module for the Protection of Human Subjects.