"The program definitely gives you that experience with different types of technology and Web 2.0 tools available. Also it prepared me for that interaction with subject matter experts. And it also makes you aware of the different models and how they relate to Blooms Taxonomy." Lindsay Gaughan- Instructional Designer at West Chester University of Pennsylvania."

"I personally found great value from learning a plethora of pedagogical and andragogical theories and practices (AKA important foundational knowledge). As an essential compliment, learning software and hardware required for the capture, development, deployment, and management of different training components used for face-to-face and computer-based training was equally beneficial. Furthermore, undertaking scenario and real-world projects (via Research I and II, a bona fide thesis, and/or our actual internship) as a comprehensive gauge to demonstrate/apply/reinforce the aforementioned aspects was very beneficial as well. Ultimately, my master's education through ESU helped me to build the confidence, knowledge, and experience necessary to secure a well paying job directly related to my education and personal interests. Needless to say there is no greater value than that." Eric Winke -Instructional Designer for Thorntons, Inc.

"I really appreciated the focus on integrating technology into education so that it transforms face-to-face education practice and pedagogy. I believe technology is not just a bunch of tools to add to the classroom, but rather a way to improve instruction and I think the Instructional Technology program challenged me to think about technology in this way.” Kathy Post- Curriculum Developer- Right Reason Technology, Bethlehem, PA

“Having the foundation I received from the Master's program at ESU I'm able to apply that knowledge in my current position.” Alyssa Bolante- Residence Life Coordinator at the University of South Florida in the Housing & Residential Education Department

“My internship was the most valuable experience during my time as a Grad student at ESU. I acquired valuable skills during this time that allowed me to excel in my current job. I was able to learn the basic functions of most Learning Managements systems by working with Desire2Learn and Moodle. Also, it gave me an opportunity to work hands on with faculty.” Nicole Pinto- Instructional Technology Specialist- Drew University

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