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Become an Orientation Leader

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Become an Orientation Leader

Have a Paid Leadership Position on Campus...Meet People & Make Lifelong Friends...Build Your Resume Now...!

What Past Orientation Leaders Have Said About Their Experience:

It was the best summer of my entire life."

"I met some of my best friends this summer."

"We were able to travel to San Diego CA, New Orleans LA, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, and Seattle WA for National Orientation Directors Association conferences."

"I learned so much about myself."

"I really feel part of ESU now."

"Many faculty and administration members know us on a first-name basis since we’ve become OLs."

ESU Students:

Do you enjoy working with all different kinds of people?

Would you like to help new students and parents transition to the ESU experience?

Do you have a strong work ethic, a love for ESU, and a desire to be a leader on campus?

If you answered, "YES," to the questions above, click on the "Application" above on the right.

What do Orientation Leaders (OLs) do?

Summer OLs

OLs welcome and provide incoming students and parents with information about ESU policies, programs, and services during summer Orientation sessions over not more than four weeks during June and July. OLs assist in providing new students and parents with a smooth transition to ESU. Orientation Leaders also assist students during their first semester at ESU.

Summer responsibilities include, but are not limited to: facilitating small and large group meetings and discussions, informally communicating with new students and parents about ESU, providing directions to visiting guests and leading campus tours, performing skits about contemporary university student issues, assisting in the facilitation of Recreation Center activities in the evenings, and assisting professional staff, faculty and administration in the execution of Orientation programs.

Valuable training is held throughout the spring semester, prior to summer Orientation, and prior to Fall Move-In Weekend. In addition, OLs have benefitted from conference participation through the National Orientation Directors Association conferences in locations such as San Diego CA, Tampa FL, Boston MA, Chicago IL, and St.Louis, MO.

OL Mentoring for New Students

OL Mentors aid new students as they begin the academic year at the University. OL Mentors work to enable new students to:

  • Understand and meet the academic responsibilities associated with university-level classes
  • Access University resources
  • Wisely manage their time at the University level
  • Become involved in productive co-curricular opportunities
  • Build positive relationships with peers, faculty, staff, and the community beyond the University
  • Discover the unique possibilities afforded them as members of the University community.

Academic Convocation Leaders

OLs are leadership staff members for Academic Convocation, which is the formal opening of the academic year for new students at ESU held in Koehler Field House. Numerous OLs have been keynote speakers and soloists for Academic Convocation. OLs process and recess in academic regalia (academic robes) along with university administration stage party members. Academic Convocation introduces new students to:

  • The dignity of University ceremonies
  • The structure of the University and the individuals who serve in its leadership positions
  • Academic regalia and their meanings
  • The ESU Promise: A Commitment to Civility
  • The ESU Alma Mater
  • Distinguished Faculty Awardees

The University President, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the President of the Faculty Association, the President of Student Senate, and an invited guest speaker who is typically a recent graduate or current student (often an OL!), all provide remarks about University opportunities, roles, responsibilities and expectations.

OL 'BALANCE' Workshop Leadership:

BALANCE: Being an Active Learner Among New Collegiate Experiences

OLs accompany new students to 'BALANCE' workshops, and sometimes facilitate specific workshops at the beginning of the fall semester. BALANCE is a weekly series of workshops that provides new students with strategies to successfully balance the multitude of components associated with university life. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing research and writing skills
  • Successfully interacting with professors
  • Managing time and stress
  • Effectively taking notes and tests
  • Strategies for retention of textbook material
  • Budgeting and wise use of credit
  • Techniques for choosing a major
  • Developing healthy academic, personal, interpersonal, and social lifestyles

The University's BALANCE program has been nationally recognized over many years as a "Best College Character Program" for first-year students by the Journal of College and Character.


Orientation Leaders are asked to volunteer for a variety of campus endeavors, for example: assisting at ESU Open Houses, helping the Orientation and New Student Programs Office with special projects, and participating in focus groups to obtain student viewpoints on campus issues. In addition, community service is a core value of the National Orientation Directors Association, an international organization in which OLs and professionals participate.

If you would like the opportunity to lead, serve, learn and grow, this may be the job for you!