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ESU Online Winter Session

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ESU ONLINE Winter Session

December 14, 2015 — January 15, 2016
Accelerated online study over the winter break
Registration is open!

Welcome to ESU's Winter Session 2016! All of the winter session courses are online only and most of the courses are General Education (GE) designated to help you work towards meeting GE requirements. Students may register for a maximum of 6 credits. Click here to check out which courses will be offered this winter session and get registered today!

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Registration Information

  • Registration for winter courses is open from November 2nd through December 16th.
  • Register early to make sure you get into the high enrollment sections and because low enrollment sections may be canceled.
  • Due to the intensive nature of online course work in an abbreviated time frame, students are limited to taking 6 credits during Winter Session.
  • Financial aid is not available for the Winter Session classes because it is considered a "supplemental semester."
  • Tuition and fee information may be found at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.
  • For a complete list of all important dates related to winter session, please visit the winter academic calendar

General Online Course Information

During the winter session all coursework will be online. However, some online courses may have synchronous meeting times (which means that you must be online on certain days and times). Check the current schedule for detailed course information.

Upon registering at ESU you'll receive an ESU email account. You should check your ESU email prior to the start of your course for information and instructions from your professor and continue to check it daily for the duration of the course to ensure you don't miss important information.


Online courses are run on a learning platform called Desire2Learn (D2L). After registering, you can access D2L directly at or by clicking the D2L link at the top of this page. Once on D2L, you will be asked for a username and password. This is the same login information you use to access your email and myESU. After logging in, you should see a list of all courses in which you are enrolled in the "My Courses" area. Clicking on a course title in that list will take you into the course.

For questions about course content, please contact your instructor. For technology-related issues with D2L, please email, call (570) 422-3789 Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM or (866) 854-0013 after hours. Our student support site provides answers for common questions. For assistance with other technology questions, please visit Academic Computing.

Technology Considerations

You will need a PC with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 or newer) or a Mac with OS X. Some classes also require a webcam and/or microphone. Most laptops have these built-in, but standalone webcams are available to plug into your computer and are inexpensive. An internet connection is required. High speed is preferable for the best student experience. Click to learn more.

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate PA Resident Non-PA Resident
Tuition (per credit) 294.00 735.00
Technology Fee (per credit) 19.00 28.00
Instructional Support Fee (per credit) 29.42 29.42
TOTAL (per credit) 342.42 792.42
Tuition (3 credits) 882.00 2,205.00
Technology Fee (3 credits) 57.00 84.00
Instructional Support Fee (3 credits) 88.26 88.26
TOTAL (3 Credits) 1,027.26 2,377.26
Tuition (6 credits) 1,764.00 4,410.00
Technology Fee (6 credits) 114.00 168.00
Instructional Support Fee (6 credits) 176.52 176.52
TOTAL (6 Credits) 2,054.52 4,754.52

Graduate PA Resident Non-PA Resident
Tuition (per credit) 470.00 705.00
Technology Fee (per credit) 25.00 37.00
Instructional Support Fee (per credit) 39.23 39.23
TOTAL (per credit) 534.23 781.23
Tuition (3 credits) 1,410.00 2,115.00
Technology Fee (3 credits) 75.00 111.00
Instructional Support Fee (3 credits) 117.69 117.69
TOTAL (3 Credits) 1,602.69 2,343.69
Tuition (6 credits) 2,820.00 4,230.00
Technology Fee (6 credits) 150.00 222.00
Instructional Support Fee (6 credits) 235.38 235.38
TOTAL (6 Credits) 3,205.38 4,687.38

Refund Table
Deadlines Date of drop Percent of refund
First deadline: Dec. 17 100%
Second deadline: Dec. 18 - 20  80%
Third deadline: Dec. 21 - 22  60%
Fourth deadline: Dec. 23 - 24  50%
Last deadline: Dec. 25 - 27  40%

Last day to drop with no record: Dec. 16.
Last day to add: Dec. 16.
Last day to Withdraw from class with record of W: Jan. 4.
Grades will be run on Jan. 21.

Winter 2015 Coming Soon

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ESU Winter Session registration information and course listing will be available shortly. Please check back in just a bit.