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Student Timeline

Image Caption 1: Semester Begins.  2: Add/Drop Week.  3: Registration Dates Available.    4: Create Tentative Schedule.  5: Make Appointment, Meet with Advisor and Get your PIN Number.  6: Choose Your Upcoming Semester Classes.
  1. Semester Begins
    • Attend Department Welcome Meeting for Freshmen & Transfer students.
  2. Add/Drop Week
    • You may add or drop classes within the first week of the semester: Check the Academic Calendar and learn the dates for the current semester's add-drop period.
    • If you are in your final semester, check in with your advisor to make sure you don't have any outstanding requirements. Remember to submit the Intent to Graduate form.
  3. Registration Dates Available (Week 6)
    • Your registration date appears on MyESU portal.
  4. Create a tentative schedule one to two weeks before your upcoming enrollment date.
    • Many advisors will not meet with you until this is complete.
  5. Make an appointment to meet with your advisor one to two weeks before registration.
    • Meet with your advisor. Your advisor will give you a pin number which will allow you to register.
  6. On your registration date, you can choose your classes.
    • Check your registration date on your MyESU account.
    • You may change your schedule through the end of next semester’s add-drop week.

You should follow the four-year plans available in the undergraduate catalog. If you are not able to follow the plan, discuss this with your advisor so that you can make substitutions that will keep you on track.

If you are approaching graduation, meet with your advisor before or during add-drop week to make sure you have scheduled all the classes you need to fulfill requirements.