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Dr. Dennis Riker (Cohort 1), Superintendent, Nazareth Area School District

ESU’s doctoral program provided me with a tremendous amount of self-confidence and has caused me to look at myself and reflect on ALL situations. When I entered the program I was a new Superintendent and the program provided me with valuable insights and resources that I continue to utilize today.

Dr. John A. Toleno (Cohort 1), Superintendent, Upper Merion Area School District

ESU’s doctoral program has positively impacted my career. As a result of the program it is now common practice to seek data and research to support all of my project work. I more clearly understand the value of networking with colleagues and the importance of collegial discourse. The program at ESU offers a high level of rigor while at the same time offering the support of a cohort.

Dr. Robin Lutcher (Cohort 2), Technology Coordinator, North Penn School District

ESU's program has made an overwhelming impact on my career and how I function on a daily/weekly basis. My interactions at work become talking points in class to underscore leadership theory. My professional reading has a reciprocal effect on both work and the program. I am forced to not only remain current with available literature, but also seek out topics that are relative to my job performance and doctoral research. Overall – invaluable!

Dr. Lisa LoBasso (Cohort 4), Assistant Dean, Scranton University

When thinking of my doctoral experience, there are many things that come to mind, all of them positive. First and foremost, in terms of my career, the program prepared me to be well versed in all facets of administration. In addition, the doctoral program taught me to think more critically and globally about issues associated with education. The texts that were utilized, and the activities that we participated in made me grow both personally and professionally. In essence, as a practicing administrator, my skills have been sharpened and what was taught was so cutting edge, that it is still considered current.