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Political Science

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Undergraduate Majors

  • Political Science (B.A.)
    • American Politics and Government
    • International Relations and Comparative Government
    • Public Administration
    • Pre-Law


Graduate Programs

The study and field of political science is relevant to a wide range of exciting career opportunities such as the law, political consultants, ambassadors and foreign service personnel, paralegals, lobbyists, policy analysts and specialists, elected officials, political journalists as well as numerous positions in the private sector.

Graduates of the political science program find numerous opportunities in local, state and federal government as well as positions in political campaigns, nonprofit organizations, international organizations and multinational corporations.

A degree in political science will open doors to an exciting career. Choose from four different concentrations or consider a minor.

Bachelor of Arts with a Political Science major

Students may choose between four concentrations:

  • American Government and Politics - for those with Interest in elected office or working with an elected official.
  • International Relations and Comparative Government - for those interested in management or analyst positions in government or in nonprofits.
  • Public Administration - for those interested in working for the state department or working for an international corporation or nonprofit.
  • Pre-Law - for those interested in pursuing a legal career.

Students must also be aware of the University-wide requirements

The department does not accept transfer credit in upper division coursework (i.e., 300 or 400 level courses) for political science courses completed at community colleges, junior colleges, trade schools, etc.

Note: Students majoring in Political Science may not accumulate more than 15 credit hours, total, of internship credit toward graduation.