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Dance Minor

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The minor in dance is designed to provide students with an overview of the field of dance, knowledge and experiences in dance technique, as well as theory, performance, choreography, production and teaching skills.

In addition, it enables students in any major to continue to pursue their love of dance.

Dance classes are taught in the lovely dance studio located in G-6, Fine & Performing Arts Center

Equipped with extensive sound equipment, WiFi capability, and plenty of educational journals and videos, the space enables innovative approaches to the coursework in addition to providing the students with a great atmosphere for practice.

Coursework includes:

  • Dance technique
  • Theory, performance and production
  • Improvisation and Choreography
  • Pedagogy (teaching)

Students in the dance program are deeply involved in service-learning and learning-by-doing activities in courses required for the minor.

Students in DANC 315: Dance Performance & Production class produce the dance performance each semester, doing choreography, backstage tasks, and performing.

Students in DANC 216: Teaching Creative Dance for Children and DANC 316: Dance Teaching Practicum teach classes in the Community Dance Program, which not only provides service-learning opportunities for students, it also provides income for the University Dance Company production to purchase costumes, rent lights, and hire guest artists.

Furthermore, the income provided by these service-learning opportunities has established two endowed dance scholarships which continue to grow and provide recognition and motivation for ESU’s student dancers.

Dance Minor : 21 semester hours

  • Required courses: DANC 111; DANC 114, 115, 210 (or 310), 216, 314, 315 (1-2x), 316 (1-2x), 342

The following dance classes fulfill the General Education Performing Arts requirement:

  • DANC 111 World Dance
  • DANC 114 GE: Modern Dance Theory
  • DANC 210 GE: Elementary Ballet
  • DANC 310 GE: Intermediate Ballet
  • DANC 314 GE: Dance Improvisation and Choreography
  • DANC 315 GE: Dance Performance & Production (May be repeated)