Sixth Annual Language Educators Workshop

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September 21, 2013
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Lower Dansbury (ESU campus: corner of Green St. & Normal St.)

Join K-16 language educators for a day of lively discussion and hands-on activities. Dr. Andrew Lynch (University of Miami) will again lead our workshop, drawing upon his research and teaching experience in the areas of heritage learners, language identity and pedagogy.

Learner Identities and Interactions
in the Modern-Language Classroom

Part I (morning session): Learner identities in the modern-language classroom
Part II (afternoon session): Learner interactions in the modern-language classroom (afternoon)

Each of our students brings to the modern-language classroom a preconceived set of attitudes and beliefs regarding language learning, an individual identity as a language learner, and a particular reason or purpose for taking a language class. As learning progresses, learner attitudes, identities, and motivations also evolve. These individual factors have real consequences for the way that interactions in the classroom take shape, and determine in large part the success of the learning experience. In this workshop, we will explore the relationship between identity, interaction, and linguistic development in the modern-language classroom. We will also discuss the design of specific activities and assessments that respond to issues of learner identity.

A catered lunch will be provided on-site. Five PDE Act 48 hours will be awarded to participants. Space is limited. To register, please click below. Questions? Contact the organizers (Drs. Annie Mendoza and Paul Creamer) at

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