Modern Languages

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Chinese Language and Culture

Minor in Chinese Language and Culture (18 credits)

required courses (take 12 credits)*

elective courses (select 6 credits)

FLCH 116 Chinese I (3 cr.)

FLCH 221 Reading Chinese (3 cr.)

FLCH 117 Chinese II (3 cr.)

FLCH 235 Chinese Listening and Speaking (3 cr.)

FLCH 214 Chinese III (3 cr.)

SOC 201 Comparison of Societies (3 cr.)

FLCH 215 Chinese IV (3 cr.)

PHIL 212 Introduction to Eastern Philosophy (3 cr.)

*Native speakers will be assessed on skills and competencies and placed accordingly.

POLS 230 Politics in Asia (3 cr.)

CMST 310 Intercultural Communication (3 cr.)

HIST 313 China: History and Politics (3 cr.)

GEOG 330 East Asia Geography (3 cr.)

HIST 420 East Asia and Transpacific Relations (3 cr.)

  • In-Residence and Transfer Credits:  approved transfer courses – from partner universities in China and US regionally-accredited institutions, including PASSHE universities – may be applied toward required courses and elective courses.  at least six credits of the requirements for the Minor must be completed through ESU.


  • Students must complete a Chinese Exchange Program Requirement through:  Study Abroad in China (academic Year or Summer, ESU or ISEP), or engaged Learning experiences with  Partner Chinese University faculty or students are in-residence at ESU (academic year or summer).  For example, ESU courses offered through Summer Study Abroad in China include:  FLCH 116, POLS 230, CMST 310, CMST 410, THTR 325