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PASSHEMA Abstracts

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Below are a list of the abstracts we have received as of October 10, 2018.

Bonnie A. Green: From Component Parts to Synthesis: Using the Science of Student Success in Statistics through Scaffolding Assignments

Jonathan Keiter: Mathematical Art Projects at East Stroudsburg University

Kristin Noblet: Eliciting Preservice Teacher Mathematical PCK Through Student Scenario Tasks

Zachary R. Smith: Investigations in Fibonacci Inequalities

Lin Tan: A Graphic Approach to the Solution of the Stamp Problem

Wing Hong Tony Wong: An Integer Sequence Derived from a Probabilistic Game

Allyson Zelienka: Mapping Air Quality Using R

Xuemao Zhang: Significance in Biomedical Research: P-values and Permutation Tests

Ju Zhou: Vertex-transitive, Edge-transitive and PM-transitive

Use the links below for registration and abstract submission: