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Hotel Restaurant & Tourism Management

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The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest, most dynamic industries in the world. Students of the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Program are introduced to this exciting industry and will be prepared to enjoy a successful career in the hospitality industry.

The Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management offers a bachelor of science degree with a comprehensive foundation of courses and the opportunity for students to select elective courses within specific areas of industry interest. All courses are taught by faculty who combine excellent academic credentials with a strong professional background.

The Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Department is enhanced with activities supported by the hospitality industry. Students participate in hotel and restaurant shows, tour hospitality facilities, interact with industry professionals, attend career days and conduct special projects for the industry. Students are encouraged to participate in department activities.

Students are required to complete an internship in the hospitality industry. The faculty supervised internship provides each student the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from their coursework in a professional industry setting. Students are encouraged to select an internship that meets their individual learning objectives. Information concerning internship and career opportunities may be acquired by contacting the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Department.