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Hotel Restaurant Management Club Description

Students infront of their club's table.The Hotel Restaurant Management Club is a student run organization that has as its purpose to better prepare and familiarize students with the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industries. This includes providing career development skills, experiential learning opportunities and hospitality networking. The student club organizes industry related property tours, conducts professional club meetings where industry property tours are organized, invites industry guest speakers, and plans community service activities. Follow us on Facebook: Hrtm Club Esu

National Minorities in Hospitality Club Description

Student joining the Hospitality club.The National Society of Minorities in Hospitality Club is a non-profit student-led organization which has as its purpose to aid in the recruitment, retention, support, and advancement of minority students in the hospitality industry. The club builds and maintains relationships between hospitality professionals and minority students by meeting National Society of Minorities in Hospitality standards and attending national and international meetings within the scope of the hospitality industry.

Eta Sigma Delta International Hospitality Management Society

Members of Eta Sigma Delta in front of Stroud Hall.Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) International Hospitality Management Society is a national honor society with over 90 active ESD chapters throughout the world. The growth is testament to the dedication of both students and professionals in hospitality and tourism to pursuit of academic, professional and personal excellence.

The professional benefits of ESD include an opportunity for outstanding students to distinguish themselves in the eyes of educators, recruiters and industry executives in an increasingly competitive industry. ESD provides a networking system through their chapters that allows for interaction and the exchange of information among students.